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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Krueger on way out?

Well, can't say I didn't already post this. Just a few weeks back I made a blog and posted this very possibility. I also tweeted it in late January I believe.......I had written to respond to some questions. Here was what I had written;

What do you think with happen with our GM and coaching situation with next year?
I know there is lots of speculation everywhere with many different rumours floating. Tamby will get his GM extension (2 years?) and then it is anybodies guess. If someone good becomes available maybe they make a move but I think they try and convince Renney to sign a one year, explaining they need to see greater improvement to move beyond and challenge for a playoff spot to give anything longer. I really believe they want to eventually bring in Todd Nelson but are another year or two away from that. It's a trend more now then ever to do just that and it seems to work 50% of the time. On the other hand I am hearing rumours still that Krueger may not be back next year and returning to Europe. Myself, I really believe he is a vital reason for some of the development we are seeing , more then Renney.

That being said, I am really starting to wonder if now Sutter is next in line here in Edmonton. It's been said, without being said, Sutter was not a fan of Feaster and his way of building a contender. Like him or hate him, Sutter has always done well with top end talent and young skill. Both NJ and Calgary were not great teams to work with and very seldom Sutter makes a bad tactical error in game situations. Going to be a interesting off-season huh?
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