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Friday, April 20, 2012

TOBIAS the 'Silent RIEDER"

While all the talk in this city sits around the Draft lottery win and the possibility of a potential Superstar pick like Nail Yakupov there is also excitement in the city about another good prospect on defence playing the the WHL Oil Kings by the name of Martin Gernat. There is lots to be excited about.

But playing in Kitchner Ontario for the OHL Rangers is a player forgotten by many, who is becoming a "Silent RIEDER" on the long list of potential Edmonton Oiler prospects.

Not knowing much about Tobias, I had my first chance of seeing him play here in Edmonton during last summer's' Oilers Development Camp'. Was not impressive by any means but also was a very astute learner. He had OK speed, made fairly safe plays and executed most the drills well. Nothing stood out, in a good way or a bad way. Is that so bad? I would say no, it's not bad. Most these young players take awhile to grow into their bodies and adjust to the game. The biggest question is always, 'are they still growing and learning and improving their overall game'?

In the case of Tobias, he has, and it has been a huge year in terms of his growth. Tobias had a record year in Kitchener for points and really became a go to guy who was dependable and used at the clutch moments. He is not flashy, not a wildman on the ice by any means. What Tobias has done this year is nothing short of awesome. A good test of a player's growth is how well he performs when under pressure. These OHL playoffs, Rieder is the one creating the offence consistently. In fact he ranks on the top of the stats ladder in the CHL playoffs let alone the OHL.

60 Regular Season Games
42 Goals 43 Assists 85 Points

13 Playoff games (and counting)
11 Goals 14 Assists 25 Points

While he has gone about his role quietly and effectively, don't be surprised to be hearing lots more about this young man in the very near future. He may not be a big man by any means, he is strong on the puck and plays the game like a pro.

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