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Monday, June 25, 2012

"A look back" OILERS Development Camp 2011

I have been able to attend the last 4 seasons with the Oilers Development Camp. All the years it has been at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park except 2010 they met at Clareview arena. Last season I documented my thoughts and posted over on the Edmonton Oilers website for other fans to get a bit of a sense of what was taking place. (Actually 2 years running , I have done that) I figured this could give Oil fans a little taste of what was seen in last year's camp and then post development camp discuss the growth or lack of growth in the prospects brought in this year.

I was able to go back and find some of the stuff I posted last year. I Have changed it somewhat, as my comments were all over the map. Basically with so many players it was difficult to watch everyone and certain players I followed more then others. Some stuff , I was bang on, other stuff I was looking slightly off (ha!ha!)  

6’1” 198 lbs. Catches: Left
Born: February 11, 1992; St. Albert, AB
Edmonton’s 7th choice, 5th round, 121st overall, in 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

1st Viewing:Did not see him much but the little I saw he seemed to have good mobility and never quit on a puck.

2nd Viewing:difficult to gage goalies right now but good positioning, quick glove hand, battler, really steady, consistent

3rd Viewing: great all around guy. Had a good development camp last year, succesful year in whl, and is back looking even better. His seasoning and maturity is very noticable. being a very focused and technical goalie

Notes: Has played 3 years WHL. Amazing and very awesome to see the growth in the last couple years. He looked good last development camp, but this year even better. Looks so much more relaxed and poised in Goal. Can tell his conditioning is far superior this year as well. This camp was crazy for how tired he should be with all the time on ice and he still looked good after all those hours in net this week.

6’0” 165 lbs. Catches: Left
Born: July 12, 1991; Amqui, Quebec
Edmonton’s 7th choice, 5th round, 133rd overall, in 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

1st Viewing: sits too far back in the net and gets down on himself easier. He needs to challenge puck more and gain some confidence. Was really good when the puck was in close though.

2nd Viewing: Has a excellent glove hand on shots shoulder height and down. Shots at head level on glove side or higher are more difficult stops for him. On lateral slides Roy was doing well, but can tend to overslide and move out of position (i know Chabot believes in him and see's his success more then anyone. That confidence in him could work well as he seems to lose confidence some)

Notes: has 4 years in QMJHL. Progression has been going real well. After being pulled this last year for the world Jr’s , his confidence has seemed to have hit a wall. Appears to me to be a Goalie who when confident, plays outstanding, when lacking confidence his game suffers some. Not so bad when he plays well, just don’t see anything outstanding and can play out of position. This may be a year he can break through by showing well in the minor pros either with OKC or Stockton.

6’2” 178 lbs. Catches: Right
Born: August 19, 1991; Finland
Edmonton’s 9th choice, 7th round, 182nd overall, in 2011 NHL Entry

1st Viewing: he seemed solid. He got shots just wide a lot but then the shots beating him were grazing the outside of the post , it seemed like they were beating him but in reality they werent even shots on net. Could call it good positioning I guess.

2nd Viewing: .in my eyes this guy is incredible. did not watch much yesterday but impressed well today. Looks seasoned already and for sure will be in Finland again next year. Had a .933 save percentage last year with finishh jr team which is great but seeing him today, i see why. His positioning is exceptional today, his stick is always on the ice, even in practice and when squaring off with a shooter (prevents the low shot between the legs). During the drills his head would never dangle and always stayed focused on the puck. very little head movement which makes it almost look lazy but truth is, it means he is a very technical goaltender. His lateral slides do not over push, also is quick to return to butterfly and back up. can definately see him in AHL after next years camp.

3rd Viewingagain solid day. Very few pucks get by this guy even in practice. Look forward to hearing his progress back home this next year

Notes: Spent 2 years in FINISH Jr league. Cn not say enough about this guy. Technical Goaltender who seems to make the right decisions at the right time. Does not seem to tire and has a desire to get better each time he hits the ice. Wants to sharpen his game some before coming over but always wants further coaching from North America. Head always up. No bobing going on looking for puck like many goaltenders. Eyes are very focused on where the puck is and doesn’t lose sight of it easily even in traffic. Doesn’t play too deep in Goal but also doesn’t wander very much. Rarely over slid in lateral movement in net past post. ‘Fabulous Frans’ could be a

6’5” 190 lbs. Shoots: Left
Born: April 11, 1993; Slovakia

1st Viewing: You could see flashes of what intrigues the scouts but he is quite raw. Interested in seeing where he is next year.

2nd Viewing: 6'5 190 pounds of assertiveness. Loved his play, had a very good first step in his game, great positioning on covering the forwards when coming in on 2 on 1 drills, gets his stick in the lane well and doesnt quit early. Great effort, was not a follower much before today, now at least i am a believer

3rd Viewing: .great skater, always laughing but listens well to instructions. strength is his stick work more then anything . Heard from Marincin SR friend that Both Gernat and Marincin are taught skating back home but really want to learn foundations and positioning here in North America. Coaching is stronger in that department.

4th Viewing: this guy is exceptional with getting his stick out there, and to me is maybe the real find of this draft class. Not much gets by him and very good break out passer

Notes: Has 1 year in SLVK U18 and 1 year in SLVK U20. Drafted in the import draft by the Oil Kings will be of great benefit. This camp he really displayed some great defensive talent. May not be as offensive as countryman Marincin but has the speed a extra inch of height and quick first step acceleration. Very aggressive defenceman who could have a excellent year in the WHL this year. Has great potential for the future. Incredible agility for a 6’5 guy and once the weight is put on, could be a monster out there. Very talkative guy on the ice and has close friendship already with Marincin.

6’1” 195 lbs. Shoots: Left
Born: February 10, 1993; Edmonton, AB

1st Viewing: I liked him. Smooth skater with a pretty good shot and seemed to think the game great. Was a lot better then most the defencemen today.

2nd Viewing: surprise for me. Good smooth skater and very quick, plays his stick in the passing lanes well, cuts off passes with good anticipation of play

Notes: Has 1 year in AJHL and 1 year in NCAA. Very strong defender and excellent puck mover. (Oilers staff see him as a power play specialist in the future for their organization) Plays well in own end positionally. Does not stand out often but shows reliable smart playmaking. Great agility on his skates.

6’4” 187 lbs. Shoots: Left
Born: February 18, 1992; Kosice, SVK
Edmonton’s 3rd choice (2nd round), 46th overall,
in 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

1st Viewing: I wonder how long its been since he last skated cause he did not look good today. Looked really rusty. Worst I've seen of him and I saw him a solid 10 times last year. Hope he picks it up as the week progresses.

2nd Viewing: saw his number on ice but never could find him, will try harder tomorrow to focus on him as well.

3rd Viewing: very good puck handler, very quick first step. Can see how he did so well last year.look forward to seeing him in 3on3 tourney on sat.

4th Viewing: .during 3 on 2 defending was occasionally beat from the outside, but can tell he is trying to be careful to not take the attacker out (physically) as it is only a drill. Speed when skating backwards is great and incredible lateral backward skating.

Notes: played 1 year in SLVK jr and 1 year SLVK U20 then 1 year WHL with outstanding year. Great camp for this big man. Put on afew more pounds since last year and does not look at lanky and awkward as last year. Looks more seasoned in his positioning and movements and choices with puck movement. Great one time passes out of his end. Skates excellent, learns quick and can really turn on the afterburners in the offensive zone. Has great potential should he continue his learning curve this year.


6’1” 210 lbs. Shoots: Right
Born: June 4, 1988; Edmonton, AB

1st Viewing: Don't remember ever noticing him. As a defencemen that is not necessarily a bad thing.

2nd Viewing: .smart player. Positions himself well on the ice and square's up well against the attacker. smooth passer and quick learner 

Notes: Has spent 2 years in the AJHL and just completed 4 years ECAC with Princetown University. Great executer of the drills, very attentive, learns quick, seldom makes mistakes. Hard on the puck, good first pass defender. Not always standing out but thats not bad either. Struggle for him will be his age. At very least could be a great veteran AHL defender for years, but since he is a engineer now will he settle for that if he doesn’t get the big break with a NHL team? Wish him all the best and hope its a career year in OKC with the Barons.

6’4” 201 lbs. Shoots: Right
Born: March 8, 1990; White Rock, BC
Los Angeles’ 1st choice, 13th overall,
in 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

1st Viewing:.Skating is definitely not his strong point but it also isnt as bad as I thought it was. He seemed relaxed out there which really helped calm the defencemen down as they seemed extremely tense in the first bit.

2nd Viewing: Held control in one on one drills that started along the boards. Maintained good body posturing and couldnt be moved off the puck, executes drills well, goes to the right sweet spots on the ice to break plays up and positions well. One one drill along the boards defending, he manhandled 6'2 Baily, is a beast out there with these younger guys, shows his seasoning

Notes: Spent 3 years in the WHL ,1 year in the ECHL and 2 years in AHL. .Some of those seasons were lost partial due to injuries. Great competitor. Gets a bad wrap from fans because they except he would be in the NHL already. Coach’s like him as their is lots to like about his game. Good puck mover, can punish you with bone crushing checks, is strong as a bull, and smooth skater to put. Looks like his game has sped up and he covers his man well. Knows how to wrap his man up well so very little will get by him.

6’5” 230 lbs. Shoots: Right
Born: May 12, 1989; Upland, California
Edmonton’s 4th round choice, 99th overall, in 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

1st Viewing: BIG. BIG. I mean BIG! his skating is alright but needs improvement, and he was quite sloppy handling the puck today but his skill set is evident. If he can pull it all together he could be a solid D in years to come.

2nd Viewing: In a early one on one almost stumbled going backwards but recovered.I am sure he could benefit to lose 15 pounds and develop more core strength.smooth powerful skater once he gets that first step or two going with his big 6'5 230 pound body. When playing a defender in close looks alot like Matt Greene did in his first year.

3rd Viewing: fared real well on 2on2 and 3on2 drills for defending. Stayed with man the whole time. Skating is smooth for such a big man. would hate to see him develop mean streak (which will be interesting to see if he has one at rookie camp). He was up against RNH and afew of the better forwards.

Notes: Has played 2 years in the BCHL and 2 years in the NCAA. His game has seem to grown. Not easy at this stage as he is in the NCAA schooling system, they play fewer games (which can always be a challenge when put into a 80plus game year) and lots of focus on academics (which is great). Could use some time now in a development program with a personal trainer as he will need to get that first step a little quicker when things start speeding up. Shows great promise though and works hard.

6’3” 191 lbs. Shoots: Left
Born: April 9, 1993; Edmonton, AB
Edmonton’s 3rd choice, 31st overall, in 2011 NHL Entry Draft

1st Viewing: .My surprise of the day. For all the talk about his bad skating, it was not bad at all. He was actually one of the more mobile of the Big Dmen. His shot is ridiculously hard. Caught Tuohimaa by surprise a couple times with it. I originally thought he would be a 5/6 at best but watching him today (I know, one viewing) he has 3/4 potential. I dont mind him at 31 anymore.

2nd Viewing: could not find him on ice today but i am sure he was there. another player to watch for tomorrow

3rd Viewing: has much better offensive skill then i imagined. positions well, cant hold up players well on one on one. Shot is not real strong so will most likely be working on those kind of skills this next year. He has friendships already with the Martin twin The three have been hanging out. Guess his father , Frank Musil was instrumental in discovering the Martins btw

4th Viewing: didn't see lots on his point shots but makes a incredible one time pass up ice.

Notes: played 2 years in WHL, shows all signs of having a father who knows hockey. Not a great shot from the point but very good passer and composed in his position. Puts himself were he needs to be. Good speed when he gets moving. Plays bigger then his size as well, and thats not bad considering how big he is.

6’2” 194 lbs. Shoots: Left
Born: August 21, 1991; Taber, AB
Edmonton’s 8th choice (6th round), 162nd overall,
in 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

1st Viewing: I see why he had good numbers on a bad team this last year. He is calm with the puck and makes the simple play in the d-zone but has some offensive tools that magically appear once he gets passed the center line. He keeps surprising me with each view

2nd Viewing: great shot like last year. Did not stand out either way, but is not lost out there at all.

Notes: has 2 years in the WHL. Last year his shot stood out but not just because it was so Hard (broke the plexiglass one time) but because he couldn’t hit the net often. Much better control on the shot. Speed is less, but we already know he can nail that thing. Looks much better all around in his development. His agility looks much better as well

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  1. Loved the article. Nothing better than historical perspectives.

  2. Thanks, going to put up a posting of the forwards which of course includes RNH, and Tobias Rieder from last year.


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