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Friday, June 29, 2012

The "Nail Yakupov Show" Day 2

Day 2 of on ice sessions at Millennium Place begun Thursday AM, and Nail continued to deliver on his promise of delivering to fans. He does continue to be the buzz and talk of all the 200 plus fans taking time to see the Oilers prospects on this Thursday morning.

unfortunately Day 3 on ice , I am unable to attend LIVE and will have to wait for Day 4 on Saturday morning to see the next action in person. Basically it is Nail Yakupov, and the BIG Defence that is the talk of this camp. Here is a bunch of the tweets that I posted from Day 2 at camp, if you were unable to attend yourself. Cheers folks and will be TWEETING "LIVE" again on Saturday morning.


Just a reminder to people that it's a development camp not evaluation so just observing the noticeable 

 playing around with  during skate. Using his stick to get dragged. Likes to have fun. 

 laying plans out for skaters.  here today on ice. Looks good in his puck handling skills

 is listed as 211 in  camp program. Has lots of room to still fill out.  comes in this year at 198lbs.

 is listed at 187lbs this year at , also listing  at 6ft 

 continues to impress me today with his skating skills agile for 6'1 204 lbs

 continues to lead each exercise and drill as first player at 

 has a incredibly nice long stride in his skating and executes it well 

 has speed to burn on the ice.Looks so easy for him.Can't wait to see what he looks like in 3on3 Monday

 using  as their lead to instruct exercise. They really seem to like him. 

 some kid named  has a hell of a shot. Wow!

 looking real sharp today. Looking more relaxed in goal and standing strong and square to pick 

 pulling the "chute", but  is the bomb! can pull like a horse  

 continues to impress against shooters   and others.When relaxed he is a different goalie

 in drill looks like a madman giving it 110%. Battling in corner, jumping up from fall, whacking puck out air. And against self only

 shows no quit, in his Practice drills even. Lose the puck? Get it back. Fall down? Gets up and charges....

Sweet  ,  hung onto that puck so long poor was left concussed. Fans laughing hysterically

 looks to have some soft hands and sweet saucer passes 

Unfortunately  still not noticeable but lets hope it's because his game is banging and scoring hard goals

On these drill where player rushes in on net and shoots looks to have a pretty accurate shot. 

 really strong on protecting puck at this level of competition 

 hitting lot of pucks into net doing celebrations for the fans. Is a showboat. Some local media types thinking pros won't like it

 looks to be a player in the same mold as  / as I say that  "nails" a beauty slapper behind 

 has great breakout speed to get by defenders on these drills. Looks easy 

While  is no  he does remind me a lot of what we saw of Eberle his first couple camps. 

 gets schooled by  on 1on1 but kills it on 2nd chance against another d 

 is 64  is 84 , coincidence? Who cares its a fun fact. 

 and  teamed up for forwards , look good together  Beauty shot in top corner by

D-men  and  teamed up together. Great sticks by those 2 breaking plays 

 3forwards on 2 d-men breakout drill. cuts off forward and almost crushs him.

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