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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

'New Head Coach next up?'

Who will be the Edmonton Oilers next Head Coach?

I am pretty convinced that with everything that has transpired , in the end it will be Brent Sutter. Tamby tells the media the next coach will have to be able to take the team into the next phase of the rebuild. Don't think that means any current staff. Appearance must show within the Oilers organization that everyone has a chance. Does this not happen every training camp as well? The Oilers want each player to feel like they are competing for a spot opening night. We all know, unless they play better then the veterans, they won't be in the opening season game.

We also see this with call-ups. Good foot soldiers on the farm team who are veterans get a call here or there. Giroux last year, Green this year. You can write a book on the list of names. It's all about appearance. He also spoke about the next coach continuing to teach the team but motivate the team as well. Does that sound like anyone we currently employ on this team? Nope. Do I like Ralph? Absolutely. Do I think he would be good for the Oilers as the next Head Coach? Yup! However , I don't think the Edmonton Oilers do. This is all about paying 'lip service'

Tamby and Lowe talk about Nelson in OKC as well as 2 other coaches in the AHL. We all know they were currently playing and under contract so the name could not be mentioned. From my viewpoint, I see a cover up. It's Brent Sutter and I just wish they would say as much. If he was hired immediately, that would look bad on the Oilers.I mean, how can a GM whose contract is running out, tell a Head Coach whose contract is running out, he won't be returning unless he has a verbal agreement already in place?

It's no different with the whole 1st pick overall , three years running now. Every year, they act like they don't know and there are other players in the mix. In interviews, they have come right out later on and said, 'we knew by......'. They also know this year, but it's all about perception and leverage. They knew it was Hall when they brought him to Edmonton. They knew it was Nugent-Hopkins before he was invited and they knew it was Yakupov when they won the lottery.

Could something change to have the Oilers select someone else other then Sutter? Sure, but who? Really the choices are all risks and at least with Sutter, you have a coach who believes in this core group, the philosophy of the rebuild , can motivate, and keeps the game pretty simple. Not to mention, he actually is not a bad tactical coach. Also Tamby talked about how great a job Darryl has done in LA. You think he is not hinting at something? I can read between the lines.

Don't give me this, what has he done business. If they hired Crawford, people would be upset. What has he done? Won a Stanley Cup! But is it not, 'what have you done for me lately business?' Every successful coach in the last few years is wrapped up on a contract and unavailable. Hire within and who says they can win? Hire a AHL coach and people will freak if they falter and blame the bad coaching. Safest bet? BRENT SUTTER!

Brent Sutter? If your listening Brent and reading this blog, remember I am your biggest fan. Coach well and I will cheer for you, coach bad and I will boo you. Why? Cause that is what us fans do. My best advice in Oilerville though? Treat Hall, Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins and our new #1OV pick (Yakupov) right and with fear and trembling. If you don't , all the City will come crumbling down on you and beat on you like the Albertan you are. Last piece of advice? Beat Calgary 75% of the time and you will be hailed as the next 'Coach of the Year' in Oil Country.

Welcome to Oil Country Brent Sutter!

(should the Oilers not hire you, my apologies for jinxing your chance)
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  1. I wonder if Jon Cooper is in the running.

  2. I think he is being mentioned but can't see anything serious coming out of it. When hiring coach's there is usually some connection of past history with someone in organization. Don't know of that with Cooper.

  3. Cooper's Bio

    Very impressive, looks better than a recycled NHL coach.


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