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Saturday, June 30, 2012

OILERS Day 4 'Development Camp"

Lots of Buzz today around Justin Schultz but people still paying close attention to every move that Nail Yakupov makes. Players like Oscar Klefbom very noticeable today as well as the 'Twin Towers of Slovakia' , Martin Marincin and Martin Gernat. Marincin looked very good out there today in scrimmage in last 30 minutes of practice today.

Curtis Hamilton showed like he had more drive out there today stepping up his intensity more then previous days. Samu 'the Goalie' showed some nice displays while flashing the leather in the scrimmage time. 

Got some inside information today that I am tracking down but not certain on in regards to some trade talks. All I can really say, is where there is smoke their is usually fire. Highly likely if Oilers can trade for a player they are looking at, it will cost prospects in the system but not sure who that would be with any certainty. Not to mention, to say a specific name could just lead to rumours galore. In the end, should Oilers get trade they want,  1 or 2 decent prospects will be going the other way. Should a trade happen let's hope only prospects that are not of the high end calibre.

Here are some of the tweets I sent out during todays camp on the ice...

Day 4 OILERS Development Camp:
 players taking to the ice. Running 6 mins behind. About 200 fans watching

 can sure stick handle well. Smooth skater makes it look easy 

 again doing drill with stick handling skills an shoots into empty net and celebrates with stick in air!!! 

 grandma sitting by us.  woman he is really looking good in all his drills and executing well

Ever time  is near the net, he can not help the urge to shoot puck in.  

 plays with puck like its on a string

 still amazes me how poised he looks playing with puck in drills. For 1st camp shows maturity in skills. 

Working on some drills along boards  playing with pretending to elbow in head. 

 one on one drills  squares off on well to take away shot

 gets beat then recovers to take shot away. gets beat bad poor guy 

 shows some great positioning on these defensive drills. Of course competition is not PRO 

 robs  with the leather on a sure goal on that drill.  falls flat on face on another play 

Good leg work by  in these drills.  looks good again on his wrister 

 continues to impress, this time with his sweet breakout passes 

 looks like such a effortless skater on ice. His passes are sublime. 

 with beauty setup but gets whiffed on. passes beauty soft passes like spreading butter

 has such poise in shooting puck, looks to be more then. Couple steps in growth improvement since last year. 

 impressing with passing  falls into end boards, causes Ahh from crowd 

 and  look good as tandem.  future back end? 

 with a good step beating out 

Scrimmage PP not Much happened  a few misses

 has come Miles in his posture on ice and looks like a coach playing with boys 

 with effective shots in net.  finally gets some touches and plays with puck like pro. 

 showing some good puck handling through traffic. with beauty wrist shot for goal

 stays out to get some dekes on  . Scores a as advertised in interviews haha!!

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  1. Jason Garrison?

  2. Garrison is a UFA, so why would we have to give anything up?

  3. Garrison will not cost us anything so you are right there. Kulemin would be a interesting one, but I highly doubt he is available. Still makes me wonder if they are going after Method and or Cody Franson. Ryan Suter's Camp is being spoke to today, the question is, 'tire kicking OR real interest?'


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