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Saturday, June 16, 2012

OILERS DraftCenter (Article 2)

In this article of 'OILERS DraftCenter', I want to introduce you to some players who could also be given some consideration by the Oilers organization. While we know they only have 7 selections in total at the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, we don't know who some of those players are.

So let's look at some of the wildcard possibilities. Why are they wildcards? Could be the KHL Factor, could be they played in a lesser league where they dominated. Could be they are a overeager in the draft who has been passed by already OR they could be a skilled but definitely SMALLER player who seems 'frowned' upon in Edmonton now.

Without further delay let me introduce you to the following players;

D , 6'2 , 190 lbs

Jordon still has to fill out his larger frame but finds ways to adjust still to his size. A offensive defensemen Schmaltz has some roots in his family of athleticism. His upside is scary some scouts say, and one of the best puck moving defensemen in the USHL.

He is on a deeper team with loads of talent and was still able to produce , which shows us some signs of possibility. He excels with his puck control and has a great stick. It's hard not to notice one scout reported when he has the puck half the time.

LW 6'0 , 198lbs

Tanner has been passed in the draft 2 years running but it's highly likely someone know bites at the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Of course the danger in looking at his point production this year is the fact he was a man among boys. It should be expected he can produce by that time. If I were guessing his upside, I would pencil him in as a 3rd line player. He devoted himself this last season for the first time to his off ice conditioning and now scouts need to decide did he hit his peak or did he just bloom late? It will be tough to pass on a player like him, cause while there is risk, there is also possible reward. I think if the Oilers want him and if he is still on the board, he will be gone by the 3rd round for sure.

RW , 6'0 , 204 LBS.

That's a big boy in a young man's body. Martin was thought to potentially be a top 10 this year by some rankings. A early season concussion put up a difficult season for Martin. He as well, like others is a risk or reward kind of player. He could return to his earlier form where he was considered a very good player or the player that seems now affected by some injuries (Ales Hemsky anyone?). I like him a lot. He stands up for his teammates and has good work ethic and lots of top end skill. He can be streaky in displaying some of that skill and his skating is average most scouts would tell us. When in close, he has what you can call the 'goal scorers touch'.

C , 6'3 , 184 lbs

Nicknamed 'Boo' this player has tremendous skills. He is a player who you can't miss when watching him out there on the ice. His skating is a very quick stride, especially for a tall player. He is great at creating turnovers and reads plays well. The bigger concern with Nieves is not unlike Oilers fans concerns this year with Paajarvi. It's in finishing the play. A very teachable player he is working hard at getting his overall game to the next stage.

D , 6'3 , 183 lbs

Dylan has a extremely heavy shot that most defenders don't want to block. He is a big, thick kid and has a explosive shot and quick too. His foot speed needs improvement but not unlike several other players including our very own Jordon Eberle, that can be developed further and worked on. His physical play needs to rise another level as well and that is what puts him further back in the draft. Most likely he is a late 2nd rounder or a early 3rd rounder.  It's considered he is more of a shutdown type of player with a heavy shot.

D , 6'0 , 205 lbs

Nick was in my top 15 before the season began and even was up to 8th in my ranking until I started following more of his game. Don't get me wrong, he is a great defensemen but his lack of good hockey sense is what hurts him. He tends to make bad plays (Cam Barker) at critical times which hurt his ranking badly.His output this year also dropped but he played on a pretty poor team in Windsor. Needs to be tougher to play against and tighten up things in the defensive zone. What Ebert seems to be able to do well is jump up on rushes at just the right time. If Nick had dropped and Edmonton was picked in the 3rd round, I would consider it a risk, but possibly some good reward as well. 

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  1. I think if given time to develop, Schmaltz will turn into a decent top 4 dman that can move the puck, I like this kid!
    Good grouping of talent here.

  2. Could you imagine a defence with the names 'Schultz, Schultz and Schmaltz'. That would go great with Ryan, Ryan, Ryan and

    In all seriousness I think Schmaltz will be gone during the 2nd round but he is a interesting prospect


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