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Thursday, June 21, 2012

OILERS DraftCenter (Article 4)

Only a day away from the opening of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft and still there are lots of questions out there as to what the top 10 will look like. On the other hand, hundreds of other players seldom get much limelight other then the odd rankings from the top Scouting agencies out there. Hopefully these 4 articles I have written gives us Oiler fans a little bit more of a idea of the lesser known players who could possibly be selected. On with the final list of potential players the Oilers could look at in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

D , 6'2 , 200 lbs

Has a great hockey frame, incredible mobility and tough attitude out there on the ice. Thought to be a late second round pick or a early third round, Damon has scouts really questioning his consistency mostly. Some nights he has looked like a top 30 player and other nights he is all over the ice. Scouts know, he has the potential, but can he pull it all together as he moves to pro one day? Needs to also work on building up his muscular frame somewhat still to play his game at the next level.

C , 6'0 , 187

Is a highly effective player. Scouts see him as a top 9 forward most likely on the wing in his future should he one day make it pro. Assertive on the ice, he plays a hard, fast paced game. No one can question his work ethic but will go for the gamble should he believe he has a chance to score. Possibly a late 2nd rounder as well.

D , 6'0 , 210 lbs

Plays tough out there on the ice and has a really good first pass out of the zone. With his size and solid frame, Cody is willing to play rough to succeed.While he does have the ability to carry the puck he is more of a first crisp pass out of the zone kind of player. Loves shooting the puck but usually a wrister. Has no hesitation to shoot on net every time which will bode well for him down the road. (Far to few players actually shoot at the pro level). He plays with high confidence but sometimes that does not turn out so well for him as it opens up the possibility for mistakes at vital times . (Memorial Cup was one small sample)

D , 6'2 , 180 lbs

Was a 1st selection in the QMJHL draft, good skater but does lean more to defensive awareness on ice. Not unlike Paajarvi. Performed well in the prospects game. Could easily go in the second round and if not will be picked up early in the third round of the draft. Is very strong on the puck and good at puck retrieval in the corners. Very seldom gets caught out of position. A very good 2-way Center.

D , 6'2 , 187 lbs

A very mobile defensemen who doesn't mind scrapping once in awhile. Is considered by most scouts as a hard nosed player who will do what it takes to get the job done. Plays positionally well and learnt lots from playing with Ryan Murray but will be under heavy scrutiny come next year. Is kind of on that edge of a player that could be the risk/gamble factor. Probably goes mid 3rd round.

C , 6'2 , 196 lbs

 A big center who doesn't mind going to the rough and tough spots.  and skates extremely well. A injury this past season slowed down his growth as a player but he worked hard to get back and it showed. Says 'He will be fishing on the day of the draft' cause you don't want to get to excited and maybe not get picked. Was ranked 17th best player in the WHL. Late 2nd rounder to me.

C , 6'0 , 186 lbs

Speed to burn, Ben holds true to his name but rather then in a oval racing track, on the ice he rips it up. Considered by scouts and friends and team to have incredibly good character. Once thought to become a elite scorer, it never panned out. Will need to work lots on his core strength and does not have that high end hockey sense that is so often spoke of.  Can be found out of position sometimes at costly times. Lots of potential for offensive production.

D , 6'3 , 191 lbs

A offensive defensemen who knows how to use his size effectively. Not to many D-Men takes as many shootouts as James, and he IS GOOD at shootouts. Loves to jump up on the rush and plays well until his workload becomes too much. Will need to strengthen his overall fitness level to make it to the pros, but a good player nonetheless with some decent potential. Possibly picked early 3rd round, late 2nd.

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