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Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 5 OILERS Development Camp

Day 5 of on ice sessions at camp saw a lot of the same from the previous days with drills and exercises on agility. Today was not unlike other days where certain players stood out because of their on ice training and agility, while others stood out for other reasons..(like falling all over the ice?)

As camp continues, the players are starting to lose some of the rust and drills are really opening up and your starting to see lots of drills that include odd man rushes and defence paired up against offence. The players who I was able to observe more today were Klefbom, Simpson, Gernat and Marincin. Bigos, Rieder, Hamilton, Fedun, Roy and of course Nail Yakupov.

Here was the tweets I was able to send out LIVE from Millennium Place in Sherwood Park....

Day 5 Oilers development Camp:

Guys hit ice for 

 backward skating  pretends to body check another guy and crowd laughs. Girls are all excited 

Drill is skating forward then backward swinging stick under legs , crowd laughing hysterically at nail and others

 is excelling at these one leg skating drills on both legs. One of the best on ice  leg looking great

 at MP over  . Nail again struggles with skating agility but crowd does not care as he keeps  

 catches puck and then skates down and takes long shot on goal. Trying to impress fans he hits post and gets a ohhh! 

 with some accurate shots on net  looking good on his positioning in preparing for pass shots

 not glowing but a player like  not about precision and is more about fierce and fiesty hard work#oilersdevelopmentcamp

 defensive drills for skating/passing/ shooting being done. Standouts...   

Watching d-men working through drills right now  and  teamed up looking good on passes

 in these breakout drills shouts too corner. Hard wrist shot, quick too 

 lots of intensity being ramped up on drills, scrimmage Coming up?

 5 forwards rushing in on 2 defencemen drills

 looking solid in net standing square and calm.

 pulls player with passing option away from goalie to get view of puck  play 

 takes breakout pass on RW done ice and makes pretty pass to trailer for quality shot 

Incredible sticks by both  and  . Play strong in passing lanes 

3 on 2 full ice breakouts drills being done now

Shooters standing around goalies taking shots.   top corner.  shows his quick and accurate shot

 breakout speed gets  open for breakaway. stones  though 

Another great play by  on a pass. His passing looks sweet.

 day over  wants  to stick around to shoot.misses shot and in disgust falls on ice to cry.

Well, that was the last day of drills and exercises for the on ice sessions up? 3 on 3 tourney, Monday 2012.

Will be Tweeting LIVE once again from Oilers Development camp so be sure to follow on Twitter if you do not already. 

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