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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oiler Evaluations and Development

Starting tomorrow August 1st/2012, I will be rolling out a new Oiler prospect each day. The idea is not to break down and compare each player to player or even rank the top 20 or 25 players in the system. The idea is to take a closer look at each player in the system and consider if they are a legitimate Prospect or are Suspect. 

Let's be honest, the Oilers have players in the system who fill some roles and will never see the light of day in the NHL. Sure they can hold out hope for a chance, and you can never say never but c'mon. Any player can have a 1 year breakout season and then disappear into the MIST. Players who make it to the NHL are players who continually show the growing curve. Rob Schremp is one of those examples. I loved Schremp, but his progress slowed coming out of Jr's and he was never able to gain the speed on the ice that was needed.

Within the Oilers development system, I bet there are maybe 8 players who will ever even play more then a half a season in the NHL. In fact, that is even probably high. Just consider that the Oilers have been getting high draft picks for years, what would others teams %'s be?

So starting tomorrow, stay tuned in for a daily look in the month of August as I examine players in the Oilers system and evaluate if they are a PROSPECT or SUSPECT?

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