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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OILERS Development Camp FINAL CHAPTER 2012

The Oilers 2012 Development Camp ended on Monday with applause and cheers from Oilers fans and big smiles from the prospects and coaches on the ice, especially one, Nail Yakupov. The story of this camp was of course Mr.Yakupov, but what has been transpiring within the depth of the Oilers organization is what is even more impressive.

The Oilers should be producing depth picking so early in each round of the last 3 years NHL Entry drafts,  but it's also the free agent signings of prospects from college hockey and European leagues as well. The culture being developed and the attention to detailed personal development of each player has been astounding and credit should be given to this organization for staying true to the course and putting money where it's needed most. (In the foundations of development for players)

A couple observations I noticed during todays 4 on 4 tourney. The Twin Towers, Marincin and Gernat were usually paired with one another. Taylor Fedun shows all positive signs of his leg being fully healed with no ill effects on the ice. Kyle Bigos looked impressive in his scrimmage and will be a interesting player to watch this year in his development. Klefbom looks like a well poised and smooth skater who has excellent passing skills and good positioning. Roy and Bunz show no signs in their goaltending development of being behind the 8 ball. 

And of course the team 'clown' at training camp is the Oilers very own #1 OV Draft pick Nail Yakupov. Some watching camp were not impressed with his ability to perform some drills well, but what can be forgotten is this camp is for teaching and developing not for evaluating someone on a skill they have not yet learned. When the scrimmage came on and Yakupov could control the puck, he showed he has GAME, and a sense of humour to boot. 


4 on 4 full ice game tourney on 

 sets up  who one times it but stopped by 

 with a chance hits post 

 misses top corner but he and  look like have chemistry 

 sets up beauty goal 

 clears puck from going in net and back to goalie.

 lays out  in corner and barely touched him

 flashes the glove with sweet top corner save on a 2on1

 3x breaks up play 

 wearing a camera on his helmet today 

 back checks  I to net smashing into back boards

 is stopped cold by 

 with breakaway in close on  is stopped , rebound he hits post 

 now with kicksave 

 nailed against boards by  

 sets up a beauty pass but  saves it 

 with nice kick save 

About 700 fans here in Sherwood Park, to watch and 4 on 4 tourney today.

 stones  on a excellent shot

 moving pretty quick today 

 stops a play that could have been a breakaway

 has breakout pass but stick breaks, crowd laughs

 doing some good back checking

 with a blast through  celebrates goal to crowd. Crowd cheers and laughs.major crowd pleaser

 with a breakaway and dekes out 

 with slapped and deflected past 

 moving puck well and creating opportunities

 with another goal and big celebration. crowd pleaser 

  and  team up for another goal by  looks to fans to hear cheers. Crowd goes nuts!!!

 is Definately a shooter , excels at quick shots in right spots

 now getting beat quite often

 High sticks  but play continues.  slaps a one times, misses net by inches. 

Probably 800 fans now in building.  has hat trick so far, how many more??? 

 stops a slapped from the point on nice kick save

 gets breakout pass and dekes out defencemen and to score back handler 

 getting rough with #74 and then back checks and throws hip check 

Play starting to get rough out on ice 

Little  blocks out big  in front of net well

 stops  point blank 

 playing good defence in this tourney as well. 

 strength appears to be sense of where to be on ice at right time 

 missing in action. Not seen almost all morning ?????

 in shoot out impressive deke 

 is over.  finishes with and celebrates for fans


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