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Friday, July 20, 2012

Prospect or Suspect? COMING in AUGUST

Last year I made my debut here at Oilers Jambalaya in August with a opening series called Prospect or Suspect?. I walked through the prospects within the system of the Edmonton Oilers and evaluated and gave my take on their potential future with the organization.

This August I will once again put out such blogs however at the same time I will re-visit some of my evaluations of the players I spoke of last year and see just where they are today. How accurate was I? I can't really say, cause I have not re-visited those posts. 

For some of you hockey fans, this may not be a series of posts you have any interest in, for others you like to follow and see the development of players within the organization. There is a lot of players so it will most likely be broken down into a FORWARD series, DEFENCEMEN series and a GOALIE series of blogs.

At the beginning of September I will also be releasing my 
REVS 2013 TOP 15 NHL PROSPECTS list for the first time. Their is a group of 7 players that I am confident in, and 4 who I feel strong about but then there is about 6-8 other players to place in that mix. Last year, of the 15 players selected in the 2012 NHL Draft I had 12 in my REVS 2012 TOP 15 NHL PROSPECTS list released the beginning of October 2011. It will be hard to duplicate that one or improve on.

Stay tuned for more prospect information as the summer presses on.

Go Oilers! Go Barons! Go Thunder!

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