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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ridiculousness Of Hockey Insiders

Yesterday it was reported by a couple anonymous hockey insiders that Oilers forward Sam Gagner had signed a 4 year deal worth $13 million.

Bob Stauffer went on record saying that report was false. I trust Bob so I'll go out on a limb and say the so called insiders are wrong.

Ok. I didn't need Bob to tell me those guys are wrong. Those types of people don't fall far from the Eklund tree.

Where do they get their made up information? Its easy apparently. POOF! and idea is born and said on twitter. Next thing you know 10,000 gullible people are either retweeting it or repeating it as their own info.

I love twitter for the most part, but for this reason alone, I hate it. Too much false info gets passed around as the truth. It's pathetic.

While I won't tell you what douchebag(s) spreads this kind of crap (no need to gain them more followers), I will tell you I don't pass on info unless it's from a good source like Stauffer, Jason Gregor or others close to the Oilers.

The insanity of anonymous insiders will continue to grow as long as people keep repeating what they say.

I for one, hate them.

You can however trust

No bullshit from us. GOILERS!!!


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