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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schultz Chooses Oil Country

 Leafs fans and Canucks fans are now spitting bile and venom at Justin Schultz, a kid that they, just a few moments ago, were hoping would join their respective teams. Instead of joining the self-proclaimed ‘Centre of the Universe’ or the West Coast, he chose Oil Country.
   The Edmonton Oilers pulled out all the stops to lure him to our fair city, even recruiting The Great One and Paul Coffey to phone him up personally to convince him to join their former team. Now, who can say ‘no’ to Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey?! That was an absolute brilliant play on behalf of those two, harkening back to that old familiar call by Rod Philips-
“Lowe passes it across to Coffey. Coffey, streaking across the line. Now up to Gretzky. Gretzky takes a shot-SCOOOORES”!!!!!

   Once again, it seems as if the 'old Boys on the Bus' came through for the Oilers in a BIG way and, we are now witnessing history repeat itself. Back in the early 80’s the Oilers were acquiring top-notch talent which propelled them to win 5 Stanley Cup Championships in a similar fashion, although differently. This city and Oilers fans across the nation are in jubilation today, and we now have our two guys in Yakupov & Schultz.

   Welcome to Oil Country, boys!!    

By Paul Neumann

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