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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Guess at the 2012-13 Season for the Oilers

Hello Oilers Jambalaya readers, this is my first blog ever edited because of some new developments and some new thinking.

The Oilers 2013 season through NHL rumors Guy's eyes.

Opening Day Lines

First Line RW Eberle C Hopkins LW Hall

Second Line RW Hemsky C Gagner LW Yakupov

Third Line RW Paajavi C Horcoff LW Symth

Fourth Line  RW Hartikainen C Belanger LW Eager

(Paajarvi and Hartikainen could switch and Jones is hurt)

I think that the Oilers will have the lottery line during at some point this season. (Yak Hop Hallsy.)

Defence lines.

First line LD Smid and RD Petry.

Second line LD Nick Schultz and RD Justin Schultz

Third line LD Peckham and RD Whitney.

The First half of the season (24 games in)

The first half of the season, I think the Oilers will be .500 and I think that the Oilers will have a lot of fun at this point of the season.

Leading points scoring being RNH with 13 and 25 assist for 38 points.

Leading the goal scoring will be Hall with 14 goals and 15 assists for 30 points.

Eberle will be right up there with RNH and Hall with 14 goals and 20 assists for 34 points.

Nail Yakupov will have 10 goals and 15 assists for 27 points.

 Justin Schultz (which will probably being playing with some one like Smid or Nick Schultz) I think he will have 9 goals and 20 assists for 29 points.

Gagner's points could be 10 goals and 15 assist for 25 points.

The Last half of the season.

The Oilers will finish in 8th place to just make the playoffs, but will lose in 6 games of the first round. (26 wins 12 losses)

My guess for the final stats for 2013.

Leading goal scorer Taylor Hall 33 goals 29 assists for 62 points.

Leading point getter will be Jordan Eberle who just beats out RNH by one point with 30 goals, 40 assists for 70 points.

 RNH had one less goal than Eberle. I think he will have 29 goals 44 assist for 74 points.

Justin Schultz points; 11 goals, 33 assists for 44 points for a good rookie year.

Nail Yakupov's points 23 goals 27 assist for 50 points on the dot.

Sam Gagner 20 goals, 20 assists for 40 points.

I think that the Oilers will have good exciting year. But even though they make the playoffs, they get kicked out early. But still being an 8th place team is a big step up from second to last. Remember Oiler fans, this lockout might have hurt us in some way, but lets not stop cheering for our oilers just because we had a couple extra months to watch other hockey.

Go Oilers go!

Yours truly NHL rumors guy. Noah Fuchs


  1. Good stuff! Oilers will win 3 Stanley Cups within the next 7 years!


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