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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eberle maybe getting a extension.

Hello readers my last post was about Hall maybe getting an extension which he did (7 years 42 million.) Anyway this Post is about Eberle maybe getting an extension.

Eberle is great young hockey player that will probably get close to Hallsy contract dollar wise.  He will probably get close to 7 years. Here are the negatives and the positives about signing Eberle to a long term extension.


  • He's got some of the softest hands in the game today and could there's a slight chance he ends up being more productive than Hall.

  • He has shown the element of clutch or where others have called puck luck.  He just seems to have this calmness to his game which is really comes to the fore when the game is on the line.


  • He's had some injures (Oiler's curse) in his first couple years and some have questions his size and toughness which never is a good sign.
  • He can't keep up his shooting percentage because he was scoring on every fourth shots.

TSN'S goal of the year in 2011 and Finalist in who's better.
Resume or highlights of his Hockey career.

Draft day.

Picked 22nd overall 2008 (steal.)

Scored 106 points, in his last season in juniors with the Pats.

First season in Edmonton 18 goals, 25 assists, 43 points.

Second season (sophomore slump?) 34 Goals, 42 assist, 76 points.

Deep thoughts

When the Oilers sign Eberle hopefully between Hall and Ebs the Oilers will have an internal salary cap.  This will become more important as the other young guns contracts become due. After the next wave of  entry level contracts are over and with Horcoff, Hemsky and KHABIBULIN off the books there's a chance the Oilers can keep all the young guns together. 

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