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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My thoughts on Hall maybe getting a extension.

Hello Oilers Jambalaya readers this is my third blog post. I hope that the Jambalaya readers are enjoying them. Here's my last blog post which was taking a  closer look at Yakupov during the Canada-Russia Challenge. Check my last blog if you get the chance.  In this blog I am going to write about the rumored Hall extension.

Hall getting a long term deal done before the new CBA comes in to effect (if Bettman can do his job) in my mind is a smart move but, does have it's share of risk.  I will go over the positives and negatives of this extension below.

bye bye NHL season.

  •  Even on one shoulder Hall was still playing really good hockey by driving the play when he is on the ice.
  • He has great leadership potential which will be extremely valuable as the Oilers progress into a powerhouse.  He was one of the main players in the signing of free agent Justin Schultz.

  • Injuries might take away from his long term potential (god forbid) although a lot those injuries were bad luck (Pronger curse).  Looking over his recent injuries history the Dorsett fight where he wish boned his ankle,  Potter using his face as skating rink and even the Sarich concussion he slipped just before the hit which position his head a lot lower than it would have been if he didn't slip. If these injuries take their tole worst case scenario he could end up being along the lines of Wendal Clark just below Eric Lindros.
  • Depending on the new CBA the Oilers may be over paying on Hall's extension due to changes on when a player becomes a Unrestricted Free Agent.
Final thoughts.

My final thoughts are Hall has the potential to be the corner stone and future captain of the Oilers. He is a young talented player that will one day score around 80-90 points (no pressure Hallsy if you read that.).  And even if they overpay of his contract due to changes to the CBA I believe the goodwill shown by the Oilers will help with future negotiations. (Boys on the Bus part 2 the sequel)

Hall's resume.

  • 2 Memorial Cups and 2 Memorial Cup MVP's.
  • Picked 1 Overall

First season stats.

22 goals and 20 assist.

Second season.

27 goals and 26 assist.

Yours truly NHL Rumors Guy.

(This extension rumor originally came from Ryan Rishaug of TSN.)

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