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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Cameron Abney
6’5 205 lbs
AGE: 21

Year       GP  G  A   P    +/-     Team
2007/08   4     0   0    0     -1       Everett Silvertips
2008/09   48   1   3    4     -17     Everett Silvertips
2009/10   64   6   7    13   -11     Everett Silvertips/Edmonton Oil-Kings
2010/11   60   7  13  20     -3      Edmonton Oil-KIngs
2011/12   29   2   3    5      -2      Stockton Thunder
2011/12   3     0   0    0      -1      OKC Barons

Was Selected in the third round (82nd overall) of the 2009 National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Edmonton Oilers. Skated in two games for Edmonton at the NHL YoungStars Tournament, collecting an assist, a +1 rating and fighting major. Throughout his career Cameron has remained on the bottom end of the plus/minus scale.

Cameron definitely progressed better at the jr hockey level upon being traded to the Oil-kings in Edmonton. If you take a closer look at his growth development on ice and off for training a lot of that could be seen as a sudden increase in maturity with his physical stature. Blessed with a big body, I believe the Oilers are hoping to see continued development. 

I met his parents in 2009 at the Alberta Golden Bears vs Oiler Rookies and his parents are definitely supportive of him and his career. Abney appears to be a fun loving and out-going individual who likes to joke around. He puts in hard work and has continued to work on the speed of his game out on the ice. 

His time in Stockton last year showed he is still a tough young guy plus he can produce minimally which is always a bonus. He occasionally gets caught out of position if he tries to over commit on the pokecheck as turning around his big body is not a easy task against high speed attackers. His few games in OKC were a cup of tea and really can not be measured with any accuracy. 

I am pretty sure the Oilers are hoping he can make more out of his Pro career and take a big step forward this year. It will require a lot of extra work but if Cameron can produce occasionally , bang a few bodies at the right times and stand up for his teammates he could still eventually find himself with a  limited role career at least in Pro hockey. Question remains, at what level?

In many cases, players like Abney seldom can overcome all the obstacles that lie in wait. While enforcers are still out there in hockey, they are becoming a dying breed. He will need to see his speed increase and some better decision making in the offensive zone should he have even a remote chance of one day making the NHL.

Last year in August 2011, I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalaya...

Seen him first at Oiler Rookies VS Golden Bears game. Saw him at 2010 development Camp, following that, did catch the streaming video of last years rookie tourney in Penticton and saw him at main training camp and then 2011 development Camp.  Abney has made progress each time I have seen him. He is one of those players who is bigger and can look slow to some, while others recognize he is actually quite quick for a man his size. Unfortunately for him (like many others that are developing) he has his days when he lacks the drive on a consistent basis. At this past summers development camp he looked a bit slow at the beginning but by the end of the week , while playing on RNH’s team for scrimmage, he was moving the puck and protecting it well. His game is not that of a skill player but as a tough guy (remember the video's above?) Should he continue to develop as the Oilers hope he can, his role as a 4th line checker and fighter is a legit goal for him. I Believe to play in the WHL next year he would have to be a overage player and their are limited spots on each team, so likely he will be moved up in the system  to play 1 year in the ECHL followed by 1 year in AHL.  Should he need longer at the ECHL, most likely it will mean he becomes a BUBBLE player. However, should he be ready in 1 year for the AHL club, he could very well take 2 years to finish his development at the minor pro level. If in 3 years time, Abney is not ready for the big club, he will move from the development stage to suspect stage. It is a Critical year to show his tough guy and player development ability. Thinks the game well but will need to work on foot speed and consistency to work his way onto the AHL team. 

REVS TAKE: This is a make or break year for Abney. Likely will spend at least 70% of his games in Stockton once again but will more then likely get a opportunity here and there to elevate his game at the AHL level in more then a handful of games. Chances are Abney's high end will be AHL but he did complete 4 years of jr hockey and has a full 4 year scholarship paid for at a Canadian University. 
I have seen Abney at all the training and development camps since 09 and this last year he has looked like he is peaking. One thing that Cameron does excel in, is his role as a enforcer. He knows the game and how to perform his role well and appears to like doing so. Wishing him all the best in his development. He did not have the growth curve that could move him full-time to the AHL this year so without doubt , this truly is his year where he needs to storm the gates and show management exactly what they have for the future. I say SUSPECT
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