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Thursday, August 16, 2012

PROSPECT OR SUSPECT? "Ryan Martindale"

Ryan Martindale
6’3 207 lbs
AGE: 21

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2007/08    64    9     8     17     -15    Ottawa 67's                       
2008/09    53   23    24    47     -7     Ottawa 67's 
2009/10    61   19    41    60      2     Ottawa 67's  
2010/11    65   34    49    83     38     Ottawa 67's

2011/12    16    0     2      2      -2      OKC Barons
2011/12    34    6     9      15    -13     Stockton Thunder

Ryan is a player who leaves you still wanting and 2 minutes later, your sitting in awe of some play he just made. He has world talent, good size but commitment level still appears to be the thing in question. He has a good knack for the net and great vision on the ice but can lack right decision making at times which was seen in Stockton and in OKC. Defensively Martindale is a good PK player and is decent on draws. 

Last August 2011 I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalaya;

Ryan , with his size, strength and talent, will be amongst the tops again this season in the OHL. Trouble is, it can be completely offset by his lack of perceived desire and competitiveness.  At his size Ryan has great mobility and can be an offensive threat passing or shooting the puck. When Ryan is using his size, he protects the puck extremely well.  That bodes well for him to be a very effective player on the cycle. The downside is when he isn’t competing well, he is no different then any other player on the ice. In scouting reports before his draft year, it was being said he needed to improve his skating to have a chance at the pro level. Not sure if that area has improved much since. In any case, it looks like drive and foot speed will be what has to show improvement , if he is going to continue to show development.

REVS TAKE: Ryan's start to his professional career has been underwhelming and that is in playing minor pro. His offensive numbers are limited yet has greater high end then he has shown yet once again. While he is taking the hard road to the NHL, he is certainly learning about hard work ethic along the way. Likely this will truly be his make it or break it year.Having said all that, I say he is definitely SUSPECT.

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  1. Perhaps Edmonton should play him as a natural centre and like the 67's will see his true talent flourish. Do not let smoothness represent a lack of commitment!

  2. I truly think they want him at centre but problem exists they are full in OKC with Centers. It is very much the most natural position for him. I believe his greatest hindrance is his lack of consistency game to game.


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