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Monday, August 6, 2012


Tanner House
6’1 195 lbs

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2003/04    58    13   19    32              Canmore Eagles
2004/05    58    11   18    29              Canmore Eagles
2005/06    52    14   17    31              Penticton Vees
2006/07    58    14   55    69              Penticton Vees
2007/08    29    1     10    11              U of Maine
2008/09    39    10   14    24              U of Maine
2009/10    35    18   21    39              U of Maine
2010/11    35    10   25    35              U of Maine
2010/11    6      1    4       5    3         OKC Barons
2011/12    68    8    12     20   14       OKC Barons   

Tanner has been playing hockey for some time. His maturity and experience show when he is on the ice. On the other hand, very seldom a player at his age makes the transition to the NHL. He will be in tough right from the start this year to even get a game or two in emergency relief in the NHL.
Tanner may not be the biggest guy on the ice but he is one of the best defensive forwards the Barons have. His biggest defensive concern is when he attempts to move the puck through the neutral ice , he can be found lacking control. If he will be stripped or rushed on the play, that is where it usually will happen. House can always be found in front of his net clearing players or grinding in the corners. He is strong on his skates and knows how to battle despite his size against larger opponents.

Last August 2011 , I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalya...
a Flame fan? Dad is a Oiler fan? How do Oilersjambalaya fans feel about that? (ha!ha!) His age and experience showed well at this past development camp. One of the best players in agility, positioning and skill  but,  is 7 years older then this year’s draft picks. House is a hard worker and very dedicated. He served the last two seasons as team captain for the University of Maine Black Bears and was named the 'Gladiator  Hockey Best Defensive Forward' in Hockey East for the 2010-11 season. His character and leadership abilities are said by many coach's and scouts to be his main attributes he brings to the table.

He Will be in tough to make the grade to NHL but does have the tools. This year and next will be his prime opportunity. Could possibly be a 4th line centerman call up this year depending on injuries. (ie: RNH plays in JR and how well Lander adapts to the North American game) This may mean he continues to grow and develop in the AHL. All arrows are pointing up at this time as each year he continues to develop and rise his game to another level.

REVS TAKE: Due to Tanner's age, he has a fight in front of him right now. Should House have a stellar year and average at least .50 ppg, In addition show well on the PK and indicate signs he can still grow and develop his game, he could pick up another year or two in OKC with the Barons. The likelihood of it being a two way contract? Not very good. With the cupboards packed and father time against Tanner, I say he is at best SUSPECT

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