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Friday, August 3, 2012


Travis Ewanyk
6’1 184 lbs
AGE: 19

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2008/09     2      0       0     0     -1       Edmonton Oil-Kings
2009/10     42    1       4     5     -8       Edmonton Oil-Kings
2010/11     72    16     11   27   -3       Edmonton Oil-Kings
2011/12     11    1       3     4      8       Edmonton Oil-Kings

Travis played hurt (shoulder) at the U18's before being drafted by the Oilers. "He had played against the other team's best lines," said Hockey Canada's chief scout Kevin Prendergast. "I'd say Travis, (winger) Brent Andrews from Halifax and (centre) Mark Scheifele have improved their draft stock the most."

Kyle Woodlief, the chief scout and publisher of the highly respected Red Line Report on draft age juniors stated "He has better hands and stick skills than I realized and his fire and passion are unmatched."

His defensive play is very good as is his intensity to compete. His strength lies on his board work and strength on the puck. Ewanyk is very strong on his skates but will still need to bulk up size wise and improve puck skills. Only my estimate but he would require to put on some pretty heavy muscle mass in his legs and core (to get to at least 210 lbs). For Travis to carve out a career in the NHL, he would need to fill a 3rd or 4th line role. As a 3rd line center he would need to win the board battles against big defenders who are 6'3 and over 215 pounds and build like a brick house. In a 4th line role, a good back check and strong forechecker would be what would be required to accomplish that task before him.

Travis was not as strong a player in the playoffs as I was hoping he would be, on the other hand he was returning from a long recovery from injury once again. I would suggest this is his year to display and show a large growth curve if he is going to have any chance of a pro career. What I find rather surprising is his career plus/minus and point totals really do not show why he was selected by the Oilers at all. If you look at the other players selected behind him his draft year you soon realize he was a good selection. The only question could be why was Michael St. Croix not selected instead of Travis but then on the other hand we are discussing two different types of players.

Last August 2011 I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalaya....
He is no doubt, a hard worker who got better as last year went on. This past 2011 development camp it was mentioned by coach’s that he is very attentive, learns quick and they like his ability to translate instruction quickly into on ice drills. This year will be a bigyear for a better read as to how far he can progress.  Has future NHL possibility as 4th line center, or a 3rd line center at best.

With a good showing at the World U-18 he was able to get a reputation for his efficient two-way play. Travis is considered a very good faceoff man, and a versatile center.(don't forget it was his assignment to contain RNH during their playoff series). Strong in puck battles and can hold his own when the gloves are dropped. It helps he plays right here for the Oil Kings. (which he will play for again this year and continue to hone his game night after night where the team can closely monitor his progress)

REVS TAKE: Travis continues to be very good at picking up systems quickly. The question will remain, is it possible to translate at the pro level. His game at the jr level with the Oil-Kings was good but not great and in no way showed he was a potential candidate for the NHL. When it comes to heart and work ethic, Travis will put in his best foot forward. Only time will now tell. I say SUSPECT

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