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Friday, August 10, 2012

The FUTURE of Team Canada

Today RUSSIA vs CANADA continues on TSN2 at 8am Edmonton time. Two players are front and center yet have to be even drafted yet. Come this years World Jr's U20 , both will stand a high chance to be a important part of team Canada. 

Sean Monahan is a Centermen who fans need to take notice of, including the Edmonton Oilers should they falter this season once again. I highly doubt he is available when they pick next year, but fans will enjoy watching this player as a member of Team Canada as well as a NHL Prospect to watch this coming season.

Shinkaruk a winger and a pure goal scorer is auditioning in this russia vs canada series for the U20 World Jrs this winter. Another player who is likely a top 10 draft pick, he will be given every opportunity to shine and improve on a great season last year. 

Both these players are playing today. Watch them closely cause it is likely you will be seeing their names called early at the 2013 NHL Draft. This series of games you get to see them compete along side prospects already selected and against players much older already. Always nice to see some younger stars groomed by Team Canada. 

So sit back enjoy this series cause it's always a beauty when Russia takes on Canada, no matter the venue.

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