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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yakupov during the Canada Russia challenge.

Hello Oilers Jambalaya readers as some of you know i am the guy who wrote check it out if you have the time. This Blog post is about Oilers First overall pick Nail Yakupov and how he is did in the Canada-Russia Challenge.

My thoughts on how Nail Yakupov is doing in the Canada-Russia Challenge.

The First Game.

The First game in the Canada - Russia series for Nail in my opinion was a slow pace game for what we are used to as he was playing sloppy.  I will give him that everyone was playing sloppy in that game after all its summer hockey.  Once he got the rust off he let go a ROCKET of a shot that everyone knew was going to him but, no one could stop. He started to play with more confidence not as many turn overs and more crisp pass's but again still summer hockey.

     at the 1;30 mark of the video is Nails goal.

Canada wins 3-2

Stats from Game one for Nail Yakupov 1 goal 0 assist.

Game Two.

Nail played well in game two but had no points he looked a little tentative and was cheating for offense.  Even without Nail contributing to the offense the Russian walked away with a 6-3 win.

Stats for Nail 0 points.

Game Three.

Nail has a two point day, he was cheating on the offensive zone again.  On the whole he was playing better than he has been just like the rest of the players on both teams (summer hockey). Nail played well in this game his passing skills are a lot better than people give him credit..

                                                                  Nail had 2 assist but no goals.

one of the assist.

Game Four

Yakupov played well with nice pass's and a couple good chances in the final game of the series.  He had  one really chance where he let go his amazing shot that grazed off a Canadian defender or Subban just got a piece of. 

Canada wins  the game and ties the series 2-2 (final game)

Nail had one assist.
Yeah mom their talking about me on Oilers Jambalaya                                                       

Overtime (they went to Overtime to decide who won the series) Canada won in OT and won the series

Things to work on.

- less cheating for offense.
- create space to get into shooting areas.
- smile more  (just kidding)

Things to keep an eye on.
- His quick release heavy shot (already NHL caliber)
- Above average play making skills


Yakupov played well but cheated a little too often for offense.  He really impressed with his play making skills and showed off his quick release on his lone goal (sweet one-timer).  I have to say that Yakupovs best game was the last one when the Russians were down late in the game and was getting extra ice time.  With the additional ice time he started to play like we are used to.  He's the type of player that brings you to the edge of your seat every time he touches the puck.   Hopefully he will have a great NHL rookie season and maybe just maybe win the first Calder trophy in Edmonton Oilers History.

yours truly NHL rumors guy.

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