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Saturday, September 8, 2012

'Hockey Depression'

I have been in hockey limbo for some time and my gravest apologies to all my readers and followers on twitter. After a year of blogging, sometimes depression can claim even the fanatical follower of hockey. My original plan was to do a small write up on key Oiler prospects in the organization in the month of August and while it started ok, I tuckered out with the depression blues of potential lock out of NHL hockey.

Last time around, the lock out I felt was needed to change for the survival of the franchises that existed. Since then the NHL owners have made a lot of money as have the players. Idea......what about 50/50 of Hockey related revenue to figure your salary cap each year? Anyway, the whole business side of hockey is really ticking me off and there seems to be no consideration for the fan who pays the bills. I say 'screw them all!' Boycott purchasing merchandise and tickets and watching games I say, except for one thing......."I am so addicted to the game of hockey"!!!!

Instead of anticipating another awesome year of Oiler hockey, I have been walking around all sad face. It's like a daze each day I am wandering around in. I have seemingly been a step behind in gathering information that most often I have been two or three steps ahead of others on. What can I attribute that to? CBA between the NHL and NHLPA!

This whole CBA has does nothing but dominate the hockey blog boards, the newspaper articles, local sports radio and has diminished what should have been 'incredible excitement' over Justin Schultz and Nail Yakupov coming to Rookie Training Camp for the Edmonton Oilers this year. Instead? We sit here, hearing of players preparing other options around the world so they can still play for a pay cheque. Who am I angry at for causing this hockey depression I am going through? I will answer that and some more thoughts and opinions in some future blogs as I gear back up for more hockey excitement here at Oilers

So will we be waving goodbye to part of a season or a whole season? Or will we see a last minute deal and only eliminate a few pre-season games and jump quickly into the regular season of NHL hockey? There is arguments for all the sides. Possibly another question we can discuss here at Oilers
Instead of already watching and evaluating players growth from the off-season , I have been catching up on local roller hockey at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, or local recreation league hockey around the city. Just recently joined the a new hockey team and played first pre-season game so hockey juices have started flowing once again.

I have been gathering all my information on this years 2013 NHL Draft Prospects and while some were a shoe in to be in the top 10, not all were as easy to rank. So my blogs this month will not only be the unveiling of my "REVS TOP 15 2013 NHL DRAFT PROSPECTS" but also a write up on each player over the next while.

In addition, I am planning on continuing some more with updates of  'Oiler prospect or Suspect'? In addition I will be adding by popular demand from last year my Q&A of topics of hockey interest, including line combinations, coaching decisions, possible trades and thoughts on prospects in the system or just all around questions about hockey in general including the 2013 NHL Draft prospects.

With the mind cleared, cob-webs out of the way, I feel I am back and raring to go. After all, I am a follower of prospects and no lock-out looms on that front. The season has gotten underway with pre-season games across the CHL and elsewhere. Time to pick up the pen....I mean laptop and start typing away.

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