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Thursday, October 4, 2012

BrInG oN tHe BaRoNs of hOcKeY!

When I think of the name Barons, I think of Cleveland of the NHL. You can always tell someones age by the discussion they have. (Unless your a hockey buff on hockey history). I never got to see the Cleveland Barons in their day, but did collect some of their hockey cards early on. I loved their name and their uniforms, so I collected all their cards and even team photo shots.

Cleveland had its short lived history and the rest speaks for itself. Would love to see Cleveland back in the NHL but we all know it is not happening anytime soon.


Speaking of Barons, I can not but help thinking of 'Snoopy and the Red Baron'. 
Snoopy was always one of my favourites in watching Charlie Brown. The whole 'Red Baron' storyline just made it even more interesting. 


Having just now gone through a moment in time, the name BARON has taken on a whole new meaning in 'OIL COUNTRY'. It now means future to me. It means winning, it means competitive hockey, it means a new culture of development. Granted, The OKC Barons are LOADED this year but even with Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins AND Schultz. they were a good team. With two of Oil Country's beloved hockey heroes developing their chemistry stateside in OKC, its going to be a interesting year no matter how many games they play in the AHL. Should Hall join them in the near future, it will go nuclear!

The Oilers can be faulted for many mistakes over the years but they also deserve credit where it is due as well. They have put a good culture into their AHL team and are not rushing players up from the AHL like in years past. Part of it is a luxury they now have, but the blueline in OKC of NHL contracted players have some incredible potential moving forward. For now, this is one hockey fan who will be wasting money on AHL live to see my beloved Oiler prospects in action and building chemistry for the future.

Their is a Baron on the loose, and its in OKC. Look out AHL, the OKC BARONS are taking over!


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