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Thursday, October 4, 2012 changes at Oilers Jambalaya / New Look, New Attitude

As you can tell, I've done some revamping around the site.  Changed up some of the fonts and blog colors, as well as the layout too. We even added a translator button for people like Nail Yakupov to read the site in his native language. ;)

We want to make a more user friendly site and this is just the beginning.

We are in the process of adding a "Get to know the writers" page to help you understand us and where our opinions are coming from. We hope this helps you enjoy the blog further.

We are also revamping our current pages like the "Oilers On Twitter" page. It now has every Oiler player and prospect listed for easy finding on Twitter. Check it out.

Also getting a face lift is the "LIVE 24/7 TweetCast" page. You can follow everything you need to know about the Oilers right here on that page. No need to sign up for anything to see what all the fuss about Twitter is. Just click and see.

Also updated is the Edmonton Oilers Top 25 Prospects list. As the season rolls along, the list will change as the players develop.

We are always looking for some fresh talent that want to write here at If your ever interested and you want to give writing a shot, let us know and we will give you a platform to let the world hear your thoughts.

Another new addition to the site for our readers is a hockey pool. Once the season starts we will be having our own hockey pool. We can all see how "smart" we really are. Prizes and fun for all. Should be a good time. Now let's hope the season starts soon so we can get this going.

Since 2008 this blog has evolved. Its 2012 and we are still changing the way you look at the Oilers. We thank you for following along in our adventure we call Oilers Jambalaya.


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  1. awesome work Ray! Looking forward to great idea's from Oiler fans on topics this year as well. For all of you who have new topic ideas or want specific information please let us know and we will try to give you our 'best scoop'.


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