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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is the KHL a threat?

The question being asked by many is simple. 'Is the KHL a legitimate threat to the NHL'? The answer simply is no! However, could this league make a dent into the talent that comes into the NHL? Absolutely! IMO NHL owners and many others are simply being over confident in the product called the NHL. IT is a money making machine and if I was able to, I would boycott it all together.

While the fans are the ones being hurt right now, the NHL and the NHLPA are hoping we all just stay loyal and that these work stoppages (Lockouts, strikes, or whatever else you want to call them) will not affect the fan base. Shame on the NHL for their selfish attitude. The say they are wanting to do this for us the fans when all along it is not about the fans at all. It is all about the money. Remember? 'Show me the money!'

It's funny how people like to go on and say how the KHL is a second class league, will never rival the NHL etc...That is only because of the money. Support financially by big companies and a growing attendance has seen the KHL expand a lot. The KHL means nothing? Then why are some great Russian players staying there? Why did someone like Jagr leave the NHL for the KHL? Money? Partially. There are many factors but regardless don't be fooled that the KHL is not a threat to NHL dollars. This lockout by owners does not help their cause at all. Today with social media like youtube, Facebook, twitter, websites and streaming video we can now follow players all over the world better then anytime in history.

If you were to google search keywords and see how often KHL is now used you will see a increase of 500% in the last 3 years. and since the lockout it has increased even more. With star players heading to the KHL in the lockout they are showing signs that they believe it is at least the second highest level of competition. Fans of the NHL are right, the NHL is still the best league in the world and probably will always be as far as marketing and fan base. Don't be deceived though. The KHL is picking up steam and already starting to make a improved effort in their marketing and financial revenue. Why is the KHL getting so much attention? Simply put, the NHL is in a lockout and now gave them the opportunity to get attention.

The arrogance for me of the NHL has really turned me off in a big way. Truth is, if the Oilers folded tomorrow, I would totally follow other leagues just as much and no longer watch 100's of NHL games a year.  Only reason I have Sportsnet and it's companion Sportsnet One is because of the Oilers. While we do have the best players in the world in the NHL, players come and players go. When Gretzky retired and later Lemieux, I thought the world was ending. However, along comes another great player who makes the game exciting to watch. It's hockey I love, is it hockey you love? Or is it the NHL? If the NHL were to fold, would you still follow hockey and play hockey? 

We say as Canadians, hockey is in our blood. Is hockey in our blood, or is the NHL in our blood? The NHL wants us Canadians to have the NHL in our blood. That is what they are banking on. They are not worried about TV contracts. Know why? Cause the TV contracts are from Canada where all the real big Contracts of revenue matter. They know Canadians love hockey and believe no matter what we will watch and pay.

In the last 4 years, I have begun following the KHL and several other European leagues more then ever and in International hockey have even started liking the Russians more then ever. What even brought that on? It was the last lockout! Now with another lockout, I am hungry for hockey and will now learn more, watch more and follow more now then ever. I am getting to know players I didn't even know existed before this lockout.

Thank you NHL! It is because of your lockout that I have discovered it's not you I love, but HOCKEY itself!


3 Cheers For Hockey my hockey friends!!

P.S. 'I have got to get me one of those new 3rd Jerseys from OKC, they are sweet!'

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