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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New 3rd Jerseys for OKC Barons / New Captains

The OKC Barons released new jerseys today for the team to wear this season. They are the Oilers vintage blue jerseys with the OKC helmet decal as the chest patch. They look sweet.

The Barons said via twitter that they will wear them approximately a dozen times at home this season. Check out the picture courtesy of Eric Rodgers aka @AHLBarons.

On a side note, congrats to Josh Green who was named captain of the Barons today. He's a deserving recipient.

Assistant captains are Jordan Eberle, Chris VandeVelde, Alex Plante and Dane Byers.

Eberle and VandeVelde will wear the A's at home, while Plante and Byers will wear the A's on the road.



  1. oh yeah baby! Those look sweet. Now that is one sweet looking jersey!


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