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Friday, October 12, 2012

Oiler Fans Are Not Supporting The NHL

I did a quick twitter poll last night asking Oiler fans if they have spent any money on NHL related stuff since the lockout began.

Surprisingly, 100% of the people who responded said they have not spent a dime, myself included. I figured a small handful would have said yes, but that never happened. Some folks said they paid for their seasons tickets, but to me that doesn't count because you have to pre pay and have that setup long before the lockout even started.

I find it awesome to hear that the fans are all on the same page. No new hats. No new jerseys. No new anything.

I believe by not making the NHL money while there is a stoppage, the more we show the league we are better than how they are treating us right now.

I applaud Oiler fans, and I hope other fans of the other teams are feeling and acting the same way. We do matter. We can be noticed.



  1. And once the season finally does get underway......I plan on and organized "walkout" to send the msg loud and clear to the player that to were not supported by the fans during this lockout. I blame both sides 100% equally and want the players to realize that without fans, the game is nothing. We the fans make this game what it is, not the owners or the players......its the fans.

  2. Interesting poll. Would have to say, I as well have purchased nothing as well. Because of the threat of the lockout looming I choose to not buy any mini-packs of oiler tickets either.

    On the other hand I do pay for AHL live lol


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