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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember in 'Oil Country'

Movember has arrived in Oil Country. NHL or NOT, Movember carries on in the greatest hockey city in the world. It's for a cause far greater then the sport itself and gives the guys another reason to be lazy and not shave. Now a true 'MO' is only the 'Stache'. Can't be lazy here, you still need to shave the entire face. I know, I know many a people will grow facial hair in other area's. Why? Because they hate the look of the 'MO'. I get it, my entire family and 80% of people I know, hate it too. But it's not about looking good, it's about raising awareness and dollars for men's health. 

I am putting a challenge out to all our readers here at Oilers Jambalaya. Join our team and raise awareness and dollars yourself. Just click on the link and follow through. Don't want to grow a 'MO'? Feel free to donate towards 'changing the face of men's health'.

In years past the oilers have taken a shot at it themselves.

 Sam Gagner has always had a beauty, err maybe we should say a 'baby Mo'?

Taylor Hall did not bad, but too blonde and he cheated, he grew a beard with it. 
'Booo! Loser! Go back to the OHL!'

 Hordichuk can always be depended on for a beauty of a 'stache'

Personally I think the 'Nuge' wins it hands down! This guy can grow a 'Lanny McDonald' MO.
OK, I know Ryan Nugent-Hopkins picture is photo shopped but you can't say it doesn't make him look that much more mature.

 Being a goalie myself, I absolutely love this tribute to Movember portrayed on a Goalie Lid. 
'Sweet Fuhr!'

Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 

So my friends, I will be posting a picture every 10 days here at Oilers Jambalaya keeping you updated on the progress of the 'MO'. Feel free to get behind our effort but remember, you need to start clean shaven today. Off with all the hair and start from scratch. (I also will be updating some pictures of Oiler players in the system as the month goes on.)

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