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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MOVEMBER Update in " OIl Country"

Movember is coming to a end very soon. Only 9 days to go and upper lip growth is in full growing mode for some. For some maybe little growth but you got to admire the efforts of anyone who wants to raise awareness for men's health. The NHL is still in CB negotiations (or lack of) and very little focus has been on the raising funds  

Brandon Davidson
Brandon one of the Oilers prospects has been under going some treatment himself and we wish him a speedy recovery. Brandon has always been a fighter when it comes to overcoming adversity and we here at Oilers Jambalaya stand firmly behind Davidson and his family.

Alex Plante
Its been a tough early start this year for Plante but I always appreciate a hard working player regardless of the results on the ice. Plante has always been a good supporter of Movember.

We here at Oilers Jambalaya are trying our best to raise funds and awareness. If your able to donate anything to our cause just click on our cause for movember and donate to the team. If your unable to do so, all we ask is you continue to spread the word for awareness around your community. Is it silly growing a stache in a community where many people think they look awful? It may be, but in the end, that is the point. What a better conversation piece then growing a funny looking mustache? All donations are tax receiptable and can easily be donated to with our above links on our page. 

Here is my personal update as promised when this month started. Day 1 was clean, Day 11 was a start, now today is Day 21...I would like to take this time to not only thank you for your continued support of our blog site  but also in your continued support in this awesome cause of raising awareness for Men's Health!

Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
DAY 11
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
DAY 21

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