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Sunday, November 11, 2012

OilersJambalaya MOVEMBER update Nov 11/12

Movember is in full stride but with the NHL in CB negotiations still the focus on the raising of funds is very minimal. Got to appreciate our CHL in Canada and the effort they put into raising awareness but have to say, I am not happy with the efforts of the AHL in that regards. Players that are doing the Movember in the AHL are players who have been supporting this from the early base roots.

Regardless of their efforts, we here at Oilers Jambalaya have our own cause. The Cause to raise awareness among the Oilogosphere for Men's Health in the Month of November. We have a friendly competition to raise funds in the fight for Men's Health. All donations are tax receiptable and can easily be donated to with our above links on our page. Also feel free to jump in and raise funds yourself by joining our team here at OilersJambalaya.

Devan Dubynk is one player who has a baby face and finds it difficult to grow the 'MO'. No matter how much one laughs at you, you still got to love the determination to stand in front of your teammates day after day and face jokes about your baby face.

Nicolai Khabibulin is a player who can grow a 'MO' within 5 days. Of course many of these Oilers like to cheat some. They grow the beard with the stache, but in all fairness at least they are raising awareness.

Ladislav Smid is always a favourite in that dressing room and one who can be counted on for a hilarious 'MO'. Smid would really have made a good actor in the 80's. Got to love how proud he always is of his 'MO'.

So fellow hockey fans,time does grow the 'stache' some more and some less. As promised I am posting a picture every 10 days here at Oilers Jambalaya keeping you updated on the progress of the 'MO'. Feel free to get behind our effort. 
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
DAY 11

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