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Monday, December 24, 2012

Hockey 4 Christmas?

While the NHL has let us down as fans yet again the World Jr Championships should take care of at least 75% of Canadian Hockey fans thirst for Hockey. I have been tempted to comment several times on this NHL lockout in depth with different perspectives and ways to look at this mess called the NHL and NHLPA but I have decided to stay neutral and await the 'Greatest Game on Earth. 
(My opinion anyway)

As a devout Oiler fan I will be back, like it or not but this is one fan who will not invest anything extra in game day tickets this season and will watch from the cozy confines of my 'MANCAVE'. I do hope we get at least a partial season but all one can do is hope 2013 holds a better future in CBA negotiations the 2012 did.

(Me and my Dreams of a Oiler Christmas)

Rumour has it Devan Dubynk is off to play in the Spengler Cup for Team Canada. Do I like that idea? Any action is better to be in game shape should this season resume mid January 2013.

 (a sight to behold at the Edmonton International Airport)

Nail Yakupov seemed to take a step back since the Subway Series and has fallen off in his production back in the KHL. Hopefully a strong effort at the World Jr's will help him regain some of that confidence he has carried so well these past 2 years. It's his time to shine. Truly great players always rise above adversity and it's Nail's time to show the world he is a world class player. I am guessing he scores around 1.2 points per game in this tournament. 

(Nail Yakupov competing in KHL)

The 'Nuge' has gone to play for Team Canada at the World Jr's and Hall, Eberle and Justin Schultz continue to light up the AHL. Truth is, they are getting in game shape and working on the defensive side of their game in a league that is all about development. Soon, we hope to see this dynamic group in action against the best in the World.

(Skills on Display)

Time will only tell if this group of young talent in the Oilers Organization will be able to be championship calibre. What we do know for sure is development means playing. The Oilers have done well in ensuring all their young talent is playing in a NHL lockout season. Maybe some good planning by Tamby? Not sold on his abilities to assemble a team outside of the draft but Tamby has done well for the Oilers in 'Development'.

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year!

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