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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Edmonton, home of 'Next Hockey Phenom'?

Tyler Benson
5'11 / 180lbs / 14 yrs old

Tyler Benson is scoring at a rampant pace in Alberta Bantam AAA. In fact he is on pace to break the record holder Ty Rattie, who just recently played a couple outstanding years in the WHL and is coming back from the U20 World Jr Championship. It is likely Ty Rattie will be challenging for a spot on the NHL's St.Louis Blues either this year or next.

The following is some extra information on Ty for those who may not be too familiar with this Alberta boy...In the 2007-08 season of Bantam AAA in Alberta, Ty Rattie played for the Airdrie Xtreme. He scored 75 goals , had 56 assists for 131 points in 33 games while racking  up 101 penalty minutes. In his 10 playoff games, he scored 12 goals and 11 assists for 23 points. Ty Rattie ended up being chosen second overall in the 2008 WHL Bantam Draft by the Portland Winterhawks just behind...wait for it....'Ryan Nugent-Hopkins'. Other players selected behind Ty were Duncan Siemens,  Michael St. Croix, Mark McNeill, Colin Smith, Ryan Murray, Tyler Wotherspoon, Laurent Brossoit,  Dalton Thrower, 
 Lukas Sutter, Travis Ewanyk,

So it was a good year in the WHL Bantam Draft. This year could very well see a better bumper crop with the highly touted Tyler Benson going 1st OV. He has some other competition in BC and Sask but likely he appears to be this years Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. While some are worried his dominance may be because of his size, having seen him play, he has some real hockey sense. The bigger question will be how he fares in the WHL when his opponents are bigger then him with high end speed and skill as well.

At the 17 Game mark Tyler was leading 2nd place points leader Sam Steel by 26 points. That is insane numbers as Tyler does not get extra PP time and his coach rotates his 4 lines every game. Very seldom he is put out to win a game for his team or given extra ice time. In contrast Ty Rattie was given just that treatment as his coach played him like a star. Tyler Benson does not receive that kind of treatment with his club.

Top 10 Alberta AAA Bantam Leaders
1 Benson, Tyler 17 35 47 82
2 Steel , Sam 16 31 25 56
3 Shaw, Mason  17 13 37 50
4 Jevne, Ryan 17 27 21 48
5 Taupert, Jordan 20 12 34 46
6 Phillips, Matthew 17 27 18 45
7 Clarke, Michael  19 23 20 43
8 Aucoin, Parker  17 28 13 41
9 Rotundo, Alex  18 24 17 41
10 Clague , Kale 18 16 25 41

At Tyler's 22 game mark he has now taken a commanding 35 point lead over still 2nd place points leader Sam Steel. A feat that just seems impossible considered just the sheer difficulty in scoring those kind of points in so few games. At 4 plus points a game, should Tyler be able to play a 33 game schedule like Ty Rattie did, he would be poised to finish the year around 150 plus points. Looking at the schedule , I believe he will only get 28 games in, giving him approximately 128 points. (Just looking at how many games I could find slated I dont think he is able to play more then that). Tyler is more of a playmaker then Rattie was but don't let that fool you, he can score with the best of them.

Top 10 Alberta AAA Bantam Leaders
1 Benson, Tyler 22 39 61 100
2 Steel , Sam 20 33 32 65
3 Jevne, Ryan 22 37 25 62
4 Aucoin, Parker  22 43 18 61
5 Shaw, Mason           22 17 43 60
6 Phillips, Matthew 22 31 27 58
7 Taupert, Jordan 24 16 42 58
8 Doneff, Michael 24 27 26 53
9 Rotundo, Alex  23 32 19 51
10 Volcan, Nolan  22 27 23 50

Benson has size, extremely quick feet and slick hands. Has a wicked shot, and this young man possesses that hockey sense that only the best display. With his strength , agility in his skating and top end skill level, who knows what the future holds for young BensonRegardless of where and when Tyler Benson plays, he produces and dominates. Good luck to this young kid with his future in hockey, it's been a treat to see him come through the ranks of the great City of Edmonton.

 SeasonTeamLeagueGPGATPPIM+/-    Postseas.GPGATPPIM+/- 
 2010-11 SSAC Bantam AA 2 ERBHL12138210|
 2011-12 SSAC Lions Bantam AAA AMBHL3334508444| Playoffs111219314
 2012-13 SSAC Lions Bantam AAA  AMBHL21396110044|

#17 Game Action

edit: As I go to  post this Tyler has played 1 more game and scored 8 more points. Notching 3 more goals and 5 assists in 1 game, Tyler now sits at 108 points. Also looking at the schedule it appears he is playing  8 more games following, giving him a possible 32 games to play this season. Maybe I missed a game on the schedule for 33 game total? Assuming he plays 32 games he is on pace to score 150 point season. I am guessing he finishes with about 145 points by seasons end and sets a new record.

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  1. Tyler scored 4 goals and 3 assists today in another crazy dominating game. This now gives him 115 points in 24 games. Only trails the record books by 16 points and has 8-9 games to still play. Maybe were looking at 150-155 point season. This is fast becoming crazy!! I need to get out to see this kid live again real soon.

  2. The first video posted is a different Tyler Benson.

  3. haha! good job noticing, I never caught it as uniforms looked close and arena was almost empty. I posted it quick, good eye, thanks for the feedback. edited...

  4. Tyler Benson of the SSAC Southgate Lions sits at 29 games played. Has 53 goals, 84 assists for 137 points now. The previous record for points in a season is Ty Rattie who had131 points.


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