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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nail Yakupov MIA?

There are some rumors that Nail Yakupov might be staying over in the KHL.

From what I heard and by what I think, I'm sure that he will probably not stay in Russia, because he was so happy to be drafted by the Oilers and he wants nothing more than to have a long and prosperous NHL career. Why would he just drop it all to because the NHL has a lockout for a couple months? He wouldn't.

Unless he is getting extra money from his team to play with them till the end of the season like it is rumored other players are, I really don't see him staying.

There has been rumors that Kovalchuk might stay and there is a small handful of others that have said they will. But you'd think Nail is different than them, as he will honor his contract, unlike the others. I still think Kovalchuk will come over to play back in the NHL this season, but I guess we will see.

All I know is I'd fully believe we will see Nail Yakupov wearing the #64 for the Edmonton Oilers this year.

This was written by Noah Fuchs!

1 comment:

  1. No worries NAIL has arrived, or so the RUMOUR OIl Country. Makes no sense to be elsewhere, he wants to be the best. The best in the KHL even is still NOT the best. To be the best, you also need to play with the best.

    Keep up the writing buddy! Can't wait to see "Hemmer & the Nail Show". Gonna be a delight of a season. Go Nail!


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