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Thursday, January 24, 2013

'Random OILER thoughts'

Hockey is a game of momentum and a game of transition. I would like to tell people of Edmonton to 'Have no fear' but it's not Oiler fans that are actually worried. For the most part fans of the Oilers and in Edmonton understand the sport and know hockey has it's ebs and flows (it that a joke about Eberle and Jones?

It's actually fans and bloggers and posters on message boards that DON'T like the Oilers. They seem furious, outraged and love to find every fault they can to speak badly of the Edmonton Oilers. Has our team let us down? Yup! Do they deserve criticism? Yup! To the extreme that it is? I say no! However, with becoming the new darling of the NHL, the Oilers will face incredible scrutiny night after night, so get ready Oil Country cause it will not be stopping anytime soon.

Why are people so angry that the Oilers are getting 1st OV draft picks? Those same people will tell you those #1 OV players are not that good. Then why complain, cause obviously Edmonton picked wrong or they were weak drafts. If Edmonton picked not great players, that means another team got them right? Makes sense. The real reason people are furious about our last place finishes and so many in a row IS because we are STOCKED with Elite skill now. It's called jealousy, that's all. Actually Oil Country should be honoured to have people trash talking us, it's about time we got some attention. Those same people complaining are most likely the same people who kept saying no one wanted to play in Edmonton. My how times have changed. It happens, it's called rebuilding.

Now back to my reason for this blog. Do the Oilers deserve to be highly critiqued? Absolutely! We have enough elite talent minus a #1 consistent Goalie and a legit #1 or #2 Defencemen. It will take chemistry, hard work, good coaching and excellent managing to take this team to another level. Can it happen? I believe it can but it is a work in progress. As much as my stomach was sick watching that 1st period in Game 2 against the Sharks, I know it is still only the second game of the year and home opener with lots of young talent still learning and growing. You don't build a great team overnight.

Edmonton showed us in the 2nd and 3rd periods, they can play better. I know people are saying the only reason it was closer was because for 2 periods the Sharks let go of the gas? Really? How about the only reason this game was out of reach early was because the Oilers didn't put their foot on the gas for 20 minutes? You can't have one criticism without the other. They go hand and foot together. Last time I looked it takes 60 minutes to complete a game. So, you can't sell me on the only reason they were reasonably closer was because the Sharks couldn't keep playing hard because they were so far ahead in the score. I have seen Edmonton dominate a team for 50 minutes and fall by 3 goals to actually lose a game. Fans and media alike go on how awesome they played but fell short by 10 minutes. My take is, maybe the other team played well?

Enough of my random thoughts on the Oilers to date. Let's grab that drink, get behind the ol' TV (Or Rexall for some) and watch some more Oiler hockey. I have a feeling we will see a far different team today after being embarrassed on Tuesday.

PREDICTION: Oilers win 4-2

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