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Friday, January 4, 2013

REVS 2013 NHL DRAFT PROSPECTS #6. Curtis Lazar Oiler prospect news and the 2013 or 2014 NHL draft watch, go to

#6. Curtis Lazar
Curtis is a player whose mold is very different from several other players out there. Even though his height and weight and build are not HUGE, he plays huge on the ice. Much like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Curtis knows how to carry himself on the ice and has a very strong core and has real strong legs. Seldom do you find Lazar losing battles in the corners and he definitely has good hockey sense on the ice. 
For some, Curtis offensive numbers may scare them off this coming draft in the top 6 at this time. I really did think he would produce more by this time but to my eyes it looks like he is still taking a back seat to other offensive stars on this team with 1st minute PP time and in fact many a night Curtis and his line are required to shutdown the other teams best line. I really like his two way game but am a little uncertain as far as his upside with offensive potential. I believe he possess the potential to be a #2 center in the NHL but not sure he will become a great offensive number. At this stage of his growth, I would say he is most likely looking like a Horcoff type player. Even a 3rd Center on any team is not a small feat and should the Oilers get their hands on him at a later draft slot (i.e.: 8-12th) it could solidify that third line minimum for years to come. Here is hoping we see a surge in Lazar's offensive numbers going into the later part of the season and into the playoffs. At this point of time, Curtis has fallen back in my Rankings but until I release my new rankings in late March, he will still have a chance to at least maintain his place at #6 for my REVS 2013 Draft Rankings.
 SeasonTeamLeagueGPGATPPIM+/-    Postseas.GPGATPPIM+/- 
 2010-11 Okanagan Hockey Academy Midget4526325871|
 Okanagan Hockey Academy Prep CSSHL64594| Playoffs10000
 Edmonton Oil Kings WHL601102| Playoffs41010
 2011-12 Edmonton Oil Kings WHL632011315615| Playoffs20811194
 Canada Pacific U17 WHC-1752134|
 2012-13 Edmonton Oil Kings  WHL35151126208|
 Tournament Statistics
 2010-11 Team British Columbia CWG6125172|
 2011-12 Edmonton Oil Kings M-Cup401100|
 2012-13 Canada U18 MIH53142|
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  1. Sean Day is the next one

  2. While Sean Day is a enormous defencemen at such a young age, and very skilled his hockey sense is what I am concerned about with his overall game. I still think Tyler Benson will end up the better player and the #1 in 2016 NHL Entry Draft. (providing they both stay healthy and no concerns) His hockey sense is through the roof. Regardless Canada keeps producing the best in the world


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