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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hordichuk To Play in OKC?

The Edmonton Oilers did waive Darcy Hordichuk, which means 29 teams will have had a chance to claim him and put him on their own team, but he isn't claimed so he will go down to OKC.

I am going to talk about Darcy and why the Oilers will miss him and why they won't.

Hordichuk signed with the Oilers in 2011 for 825.000 dollars. It brought toughness that old tough guy Steve Macintyre had left behind. In Darcy's first season with the Oilers, he had 64 PMS and had 1 goal and 2 assists. He only played 43 games that season. He is a tough guy and not much more than that. We all know the goons don't play that often in the NHL anymore and that leads me in to my next topic.

Most teams in the NHL don't need goons or tough guys anymore because, (A) all players must not just be goons, they have to have some skill or it's more or less a wasted roster spot. (B) He wasn't even that big and tough like Mac was. He basically had zero intimidation towards other players.

Why the Oilers will miss Hordichuk.
The Oilers will miss Darcy because he brought some toughness to the team when he played. The Oilers seriously lack team toughness.

It's not to say that he will never play again for the Oilers, because at a certain point of time he could go through re-entry waivers, but I doubt that will happen unless the NHL becomes the 1970's again and the broad street bullies are back. (not going to happen)

Bottom line; the Oilers really have no use for a one dimensional player like Darcy Hordichuk. It was time to move on.

Written by Noah Fuchs aka NHL rumors guy

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