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Friday, February 22, 2013

Taylor Hall suspended but was really that dirty?

Taylor Hall has been suspended by the NHL for 2 games. The Oilers will surely miss him, but was it really that dirty?

Let's play this scene out. The Oilers just gave up a goal on a two on one that should have never happened  in the first place, because we were already down by one. But this blog post is about Taylor Hall's hit that has people calling him a "goon" and a "dirty player".

It just shows the respect from fans of 29 other teams around the NHL. Yes it was a late hit. Yes it was a little dirty, but I look at this way. The Oilers were down by two with a couple minutes to go. He was trying to get his team going with a big hit and also it looked like the puck was going to bounce were he was going. The reason Brendan Shanahan had for giving Hall two instead of one, is because he is trying to make sure that will never have another meeting with him for a while.

IMO Hall's hit was not dirty. He was just trying to hit him clean. He has a chance to hit his head if he wanted, but he tried to hit him clean. All we can do now is hope Hall comes back from this against the Stars and score a goal.

This article was written by Noah Fuchs aka NHL rumors guy.

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