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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goals for the Oilers, Now and the Offseason

Well the Edmonton Oilers will not make the playoffs this year unless 5 teams break down and lose everyone of their games and the Oilers win most/all of their games. This is just a mere possibility that will not happen. In this blog post, I will give 4 goals for the Oilers to finish the season, and 3 goals for the off season.

1. Get Hall and Ebs to focus more on defence, so when next season comes around, they hopefully have some good habits. This will just help their overall game.

2. If RNH's shoulder need's shoulder surgery, then let him go with 5 games left and get a head start on the road to recovery.

3. Give guys that wouldn't get time on the PP some playing time. It's not a reward because no one really deserves one. It more for puck confidence.

4 Give Yakupov more ice time. This kid is a great sniper that doesn't get as much time as he probably should get.
                                                                                  Three off season goals.

1 sign a player like Horton or Clarkson (if available.) If the Oilers sign one of these two, it really fills a gap. A top 4 defenceman and a backup goalie should also be on the want list as a priority as well.

2 Trade to get a 20 something pick to get Max Domi or Curtis Lazar (if available) Prospects are always nice to have and those two could help this team down the road. At this point, who knows, maybe the Oil have a top 5 pick?

3. Get better depth through trades. The Oilers need more depth than they have right now. Trading for some is an option. But let's be real, the Oil have limited amount of talent to trade. Especially if the want an upgrade.

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