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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oiler 'Trade Deadline' looming

With only about 23 hours or less remaining, the Oilers made a small trade today, moving out Dane Byers for Stafford. No fans, not Drew but some career minor leaguer. This is not a trade the typical Oiler fan has to even be thinking about. 

So who could be moved? Is anyone possible? Who do you think could go? What could we look for in return? All these questions will be answered quickly and swiftly. With the Oilers in a position to actually make the playoffs, I put the possibility of anything other then a 4th line forward or a 3rd line D  pairing at best as a 30% Chance. If they were to do something, here is my thoughts on the following possibilities....

A) Ryan Whitney;
This player was really a sure thing to go if we were missing the playoffs but now, Tamby has to show the dressing room he is wanting to win. With Ryan moving the puck much better as of late and the Oilers winning 75% of their games lately, how can you trade him now? To move him out now would mean you need another puck-moving d-man and nobody other then Streit is even a consideration. If Edmonton has a trading partner to do something with the Islanders then Whitney could be moved out. If not, he stays and provided he gives them a good playoff run, maybe then he can be resigned for 2 years at 3Million/per? 

B) Ales Hemsky;
Is a player that could possibly give you a 1st round draft pick but only to the right team that can work with his 5M for next year and may want to re-sign him for some more years. Likely Hemsky only goes out for a bigger more rugged winger? Unlike other people, I do not think Clowe should even be a option. His production has fallen and fallen big for a reason. Buyer beware is reading all over him! They will want something back now. Possibility of trade with BlueJackets? Maybe, but unlikely. Hemsky and a 2nd round pick plus prospect like Musil or Marincin for Ryan Johanson, the BlueJackets 3rd round pick? Possible, but unlikely something Columbus does. They like big Ryan but I have to say, I am not a big fan of his potential big league wise. Numbers have never been outstanding. His best upside to me is a Horcoff player in the future. Should they get him, they could play him on the wing in place of Hemsky? Or they Move Ryan Johanson onto Nail's spot on 3rd line and move Yakupov with Gagner and Paajarvi? 10% Chance?

C) Ryan Jones;
10% chance he even moves at all. Oilers lack his gritty style of play and is more valuable in his role then many others they have found in the past. If the Oilers feel he does not fit the team mold for next year then they may consider moving him for a prospect and a 3rd round pick? Can't see it happening

D) Khabby;
Glad to see his play has improved once again and could prove to be a great backup for a long playoff run. Who could want him? Bruins? Would be a great alternative. Chicago? I doubt they need a third. I could see St.Louis if their concerned about a unproven Jake Allen in playoffs and they have plenty the Oilers could use. Not likely trade partner but could work. I say 30% Chance Khabby can be moved out.

E) Magnus Paajarvi;
He is not going anywhere. They have been patient with him and he could be invaluable as a bigger forward who is really starting to mold into the player they expected. Even if he plays down a line eventually on the third line, Magnus won't be traded. Who do you replace his size, power and speed with?

F) Teemu Hartikainen;
10% Chance if the right deal comes along. Nino in NY could be a potential trade partner if the Oilers are concerned about Teemu eventually coming into his own in next year or so. Believe it or not, I could see a Teemu plus a 4th round pick for Nino straight across. Not sure , how I feel about it but as much as I like Teemu, I am not sure he can play aggressively and consistent enough to be in the Oilers top 9 and still become a championship team.

G) Mark Fistric;
5% Chance he goes the other way in a trade. We got him for his toughness and who would replace that when you need that kind of player? Exactly! Not going unless it was a high 2nd rounder and that is not very likely.

H) Theo Peckham;
30% Chance if someone is looking for a depth d-man these playoffs. Maybe a prospect or a 4th round pick? Seems to be odd man out but could work well on a team like Boston or Chcago.

Well Oiler fans, let's sit back and see what happens. If it's per normal for Tamby, he will make no moves and fans will rip him apart for being so passive. On the other hand, if he makes a bold move he will be very closely scrutinized. My guess? He makes no moves that could risk his job for next year.

And so we wait!!! tick, tick, tick, tick!

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