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Friday, April 5, 2013

Oilers fever?

Well, looks like it is happening again. This city just begins to gain some hope for their favourite sports franchise and BOOM! Right in the face of our confidence. It's like when there is no pressure this Oiler team seems to thrive. Put the pressure on and everything is pulled out from under them.

To be fair, it was a 2nd game of back to back and they just finished riding a pretty emotional high. Also how long can we expect a winning streak to continue with a team still trying to learn to win? It's difficult to see the trends but on the other should this team win their next 2? Feels like these same questions have been pondered and or discussed before and we keep circling the tree does it not? 

Regardless of what we may see game to game, this team is growing up right before our eyes and maturing. IMO , the Oilers NEED to win the next 2 to even have a fighting chance for a playoff spot. Personally a playoff spot takes us out of a top draft pick realm this June 2013 and more then likely means a 1st round exit. On the other hand, a 1st round experience gives us some ground in preparation for next year. I believe the Oilers need 1 more final good draft selection to move to the next level. They need that skill and size player up front even if it may mean 1 year extra of waiting while still developing the core they had.

Next game prediction? I hope I am wrong, but I have this uneasy feeling the Oilers will be lucky to sneak out with a single point and if they could squeeze out a win it will more then likely mean it comes in overtime and they give up that single point that does not separate them really from anyone.

Here is hoping this Canuck game was just a small error on the way to great success. 

Let's keep our stick on the ice!!!!!

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