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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Done For Season

Word just came out that Edmonton Oilers forward, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is on his way to Cleveland to have his should checked out. Sounds like he could have surgery done on Tuesday for a torn labrum. Possibly a 6 month recovery.

I'd say, he's officially out for the rest of the season.

The big question is, why did the Oilers wait this long to have this procedure done? The timeline right now suggests that RNH will miss training camp. I've seen too many players have a bad season because they missed training camp for one reason or another. I'm hoping this isn't the case for RNH.

Regardless of a playoff push or not, I'd like to know why this wasn't done two months ago? Or even two weeks ago?

Oilers do say the expect him to make a full 100% recovery.



  1. The oilers have done a lot of things that don't make sense over the last 23 years! Trade dubnyk for miller (may have to add a player like gags) (cant afford to sign all the kids), whitney for hartnell, sign iginla, payout horcoff, khabi and smytty retire, bring up roy for backup, fire krueger and smith, hire ruff and some new defensive coach, still need 2 top five dmen that are big strong mean shutdown guys (petry & potter have to go), pajaarvi belanger hartikainen lander have to go and bring in some 27-33 yearold grit and heart and toughness. Preferrably some men whom can grow a beard and will put some fear into the opposing team and some reassurance and confidence into our young oiler superstars! Maybe i am in my own little world or something i dont know but anything about what i have mentioned is an improvement. Our top line at the start was gagner yakupov and hemsky. Can anyone tell me why they havent played one minute together since that line was broke up back in february! Just cuz the kid line was struggling does not mean you shuffle the whole team around. I gotta go watch the game vs the hawks now. Andy Moog is going to be there! Old time hockey!

  2. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a young star of Edmonton Oilers. About some days ago he has fallen injury. So a surgery is necessary. Hopefully he will recovery very soon.


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