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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ryan Smyth's Last Game?

Tonight very well could be Ryan Smyth's last game wearing the Edmonton Oilers colors as a player in the NHL. Even with one more year left on his deal, the growing consensus is Smyth will/should be pushed into retirement at some point this summer.

If this does happen, I have no doubt #94 will be given a job within the Oilers organization. He's been a true blue Oiler and I can't see him going anywhere else.

I hope you, much like I'm going to, enjoy this very last look at the heart and soul of the old Edmonton Oilers.

Goodbye Ryan Smyth. It's been an awesome ride...



  1. I too think this was it for #94.
    1)They showed his wife and kids in the stands(all the kids wearing Oilers jerseys of course). 2)He never left the ice for the last 2 minutes telling me that Ralphy was leaving him out there for a reason.

    I hope he gets a good front office job. He has certainly earned it.

  2. He gave my niece his stick at the end of the game on Saturday! What a keepsake!


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