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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is This Really Going To Arbitration? Oilers vs Sam Gagner

Sam Gagner and the Edmonton Oilers are about to take their case(s) to an arbitrator tomorrow and it could get ugly. Most cases turn out to be an ugly mess cause on one hand, the player is trying to plead his case on why he should be paid well. On the other hand, the team has to try and cut that player down and prove he's not worth that amount of money. Generally speaking, it never ends well for either party. Feelings get hurt.

Gagner has apparently asked for $5.5 million a year over a long term contract. While the Oilers do want the long term, they feel that's an over pay. They have offered $3.5 million a year. That's $2 million difference. If they split it down the middle, Gagner should get around $4.5 million over a 5-6 year term.

Is that a fair market price? I think so. Hopefully we hear some news later in today and they announce a deal has been struck.


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  1. Only one year contracts are givin out in arbitration.


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