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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Oilers have tendered 6 players.

Semi Breaking News

Theo Peckham

The Oilers have tendered 6 players today, Fedun, Harikainen, Gagner, Tryvainen, Paarjarvi, and Hovinen.

People they did not tender.
Theo Peckham,Tuebert, Plante and Cornet these players will become UFA's on July 5th.

Thoughts on not tendering Peckham.
Peckham was a very disappointing player this season so I understand why they let him go but maybe they should have tendered him and traded for a 4th rounder or something.

Tendering thoughts.
I agree with everyone we did tendered except for maybe Tryvainen as I don't think he will turn out plus he is going to finland.

More news to come on this subject.

This has been written by Noah Fuchs aka NHL rumors guy

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