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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Was 'Free Agent Frenzy' enough?

I really wish I could sit here and write and tell you how well MacT did since he took over at the helm. The bigger question remains, 'is what he has done anything different then what Tamby was already doing'? For me, there is lots of talk, but little results to follow. I know he has made moves and some fans are super excited about Horcoff moving on. Some fans feel like these free agent signings are a sign he can be a mover and a shaker.

Thing is, there is nothing he has done that Tamby could not have done. You can drink the kool-aid but not me. Let's look at what he has accomplished

He replaced the coach:
Not really a improvement until we see the difference on the ice cause we have now a inexperienced coach who has promised a lot but has not. Every single coach coming in talks big and says how this team is going '....' but in the end there is very little difference. Things SOUND good but as of right now, I don't hold out much hope.

He didn't qualify some offers:
Again this is something that even Tamby did , so nothing to note of significance there.

He picked up Belov:
a move that may sound good but can't sing his praises until we can see if he actually can play in the NHL.  

He made a trade to unload Horcoff:
Again as much as people think this was a huge deal, not really. Horcoff is a quality center in the 3rd line role. It is not his salary it is his cap hit. On some teams they want that very benefit and as much as some want to say and claim it was unlovable, it wasn't. We can argue all day and night that we disagree but that contract was not that impossible at this stage now. Yes, he needed to go, not because he was bad in his role but because it was time to move on. Not a big deal or something that Tamby would not have been able to do either.

Free Agent Signings:
Sorry, but Ference's contract over 4 years is not a value signing on Free agent frenzy day. Glad they have a player who wants to be here but he is not a 2nd pairing d-man. Maybe he is on this Oilers team but I would rather see another player who has some size maybe and can do the same things. Also the wrong shot player we needed. Time will only tell on him. Goalie? Ok, we got a back up, Tamby could not have done that? We signed Boyd Gordon who was a solid 3rd line signing but while stats show him playing well, we have heard and saw others come in and fall apart. Sorry the other signings don't even count cause once again Tamby IMO could have done the same.

In the end, I am still ok with MacT in the helm of the GM chair but let's not praise his 'accomplishments' until actual success has gone hand in hand. Still waiting to see what will happen with doing something that will actually help this roster. I like the strengthening on the blueline but once again it is a wait and see cause neither is proven to the extent they will be relied on. My grade for MacT to date? I will give him a C+ for hard work and effort. What I do believe is MacT is a learner and as he grows in his job he will get better, that is what I am optimistic about.

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