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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Just Don't Feel Bad, It's Just That Time Of Year

Watching tonight's game had me thinking about players being cut. I remember being cut from teams. It sucks. It hurts. 

But you move on to whatever lies next and hopefully you realize that it was you that failed to make the team, not the coaches. Some players have to clear waivers, while some don't, and sometimes that makes decisions complicated. 

Hockey is a production based sport and if you're not standing out and contributing, you don't survive. Simple as that. Coach Eakins really seems to be attracted to the stand out players that push their own limits. He really doesn't care about the past or veteran status or the name on the jersey. He cares about the now. 

Linus Omark was the latest victim of not being a standout for the right reasons. Eakins hated the fact Omark tried to do everything himself and he didn't rely on his line mates like he should. The kid has skill, but he just can't seem to follow a game plan. His style hasn't really changed since joining the Oilers, and either has his yearly exit from training camp to anywhere but Edmonton. I had high hopes for him. Those hopes are long gone. 

The next on the waiver wire you would think to be is Ryan Jones. He just seems like he's always a step behind. We have all seen Ryan flying on his A game. We've seen him be his best. Where did he go?

Did Jones not prepare himself enough this summer? Did he do enough on ice work? Did his second surgery hinder his training?

At the end of the day, if he's cut and put on waivers, who will he blame? He clearly has the tools to do the job.

So as camp is winding down and the kids that don't require waivers like Nurse, Pitlick and Fedun go to their respected teams, they must remember what it took to get them this far and to apply that next training camp. They still have more chances. It's not the end of the world. 

The vet players however. Well... you might have blown your last chance. 


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