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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MSM Goes on the Eakins Diet?

This morning, the interweb lit up with tweets from the first day of the Edmonton Oilers training camp. I figured the most entertaining news would be that one of the players puked on one of the machines, or was overweight, or something else along those lines. But it wasn't. 

The big news came in... and it was about the food the Mainstream Media (MSM) were served at the arena. 

The norm is coffee and donuts. But not today. 

The half asleep MSM showed up to fruits and vegetables mandated by the new Oilers coach Dallas Eakins. (see pic below)

We all know how much of a health nut Eakins is, but this was just awesome. Doesn't matter if the MSM was truly sad or not, this was damn funny. Can you imagine the look on Terry Jones' face?

Read some of the tweets below to see the reaction the new Eakins diet caused. 


@TSNRyanRishaug: Mandated by the head coach.. Media food is veggies and fruit. Usually donuts and coffee. 

@TSNRyanRishaug: I like, respect my fellow media members here in Edmonton a lot, But sharing finger food at 9am? We’re drawing straws for Timmies donut run

@GenePrincipe: New coach, new food? Dallas Eakins mandated fruit and veggies instead of donuts for the media.Going to be a long year.

@Sun_Tychkowski: I don't care what kind of shape an NHL coach is in. Ken Hitchcock never ran a triathlon in his life and his teams do OK.

@TSNRyanRishaug: People are kind of walking awkwardly around the table, peering at the veggies, unopened.. I think a full scale media revolt may be coming.

@TSNRyanRishaug: It’s getting a little better. They just added yogurt.. I believe it may be flavoured. And coffee!



  1. Its fine that Eakins is a health nut, but you can't tell other people what to eat. Its their lives and if they want to eat donuts go for it.

  2. STFU and eat your stupid veggies you whiny entitled bitches.

    I don't think I have ever complained about free food in my adult life.

    Heck, I work for a company that's valued WAY higher than the Oilers, and I don't get free veggies. I'd LOVE for my work to supply that.


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