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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Only Way This Can Work (Steve MacIntyre)

As you read here at this morning, the Oilers have claimed tough guy Steve MacIntyre from the Pittsburgh Penguins. This marks the 4th time that we have seen big #33 wear the Oilers blue and orange. 

Every other stint that he's been here it hasn't worked as well as the Oilers management has hoped. Sure, he can punch anybody's light out. Not many guys in the league can stand toe to toe with him. But not many are also willing to go toe to toe with the big man at all. So why is he back?

Good question. I don't know. 

He's known for his slow foot speed and gigantic corner taking. There isn't a whole lot he can do besides punching people. 

So how does he work this time around you ask? 

Straight up, he's going to have to be a killer. A guy who will punch you out even if your not willing. He's going to have to take liberties at every scrum he's in. He's going to have to step out of his character and smash skulls of the opposing teams skill players without notice. 

Can he do that? I hope so. Or this really isn't going to work... again. 


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